Sunday, November 13, 2016

Such adorable danger

My lady Jackal Ennui has made an adorable set of little dragons for Gacha Garden. They fly at your shoulder so that you can step into fraught political situations and conquer using the threat of fire and cuteness. I also took a shitty photo of Schadenfreude's Toothy jewelry -- better photo coming eventually. And on my body is the darkest of ink, bats so deeply painted into my skin that they'll never fade. BATS IN MY SOUL. Okay, maybe I need less coffee. Have a good Sunday, y'all!

lassitude & ennui Dragon whelp - albino wear me / rez me RARE c -- for Gacha Garden
lassitude & ennui Dragon whelp wings -- for Gacha Garden
Schadenfreude Black Ornate Toothy bracelets and necklace
Schadenfreude swept back horns
Calico Lucine in whites
Luxuria Leanna bodysuit in black
Silentsparrow batling tattoo set
Slink body, Catwa head, Pink Fuel skin and makeup