Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Knock, knock!

Last night I went to the Panic of Pumpkin trick or treating sim (SLURL here) and picked up a number of cute things! It was fun to relax from distributing candy by getting my own virtual candy. I especially loved the fluffy cute spider crawling up my skirt and my fully stuffed pumpkin backpack. Halloween forever, no matter how badly October usually treats my real-life self!

Spider: Ghost Spid-eek! Snuggle Spider - (Static) - Wear Me
Backpack: *G-D* PumpkinBackPack
Chew: Schadenfreude Orange Pumpkin Wagashi
Dress: c*C*c Majorica in purple
Hair: Lamb Craft Spells in mosh
Makeup: Frick applied to my mesh face