Monday, August 15, 2016

Meant to fly

I slept for 9 whole hours in a row, Saturday night, and when I was finally awake on Sunday this is exactly how I felt. I put on ancient baggy sweat pants and a sweat shirt and slippers and crashed the hell out, and it felt amazing. Also, I got a bunch of elegant furniture from Circa, stuff that really helped to round out my outdoor bedroom. It's the Takumi set, and it is meant for a Japanese living room, but works very well underneath the bauwerk Moroccan bed.

Anyway. Stuff. Here's to a full work week and Monday morning!

+Half-Deer+ Sweet Dream Slippers - Shiba Inu from Gacha Garden

ionic . Kitchen Shelf
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Moroccan Bed - RARE from Gacha Garden
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Banana Tree - COMMON from Gacha Garden
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Floor Pillow A - 9 Fabric Menu (8 pos)
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Shoji Screen - Redwood Frame
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Paper Table Light - Black Wood
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Floor Pillow B - 9 Fabric Menu (8 pos)
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Velvet Area Rug - Red w/ Grey trim
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Bonzai Planter - Grey / Deep Red Flowers
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Side Table - Door open - Redwood
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Highback Chair - Redwood (9 fabrics /14 pos)
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Floor Vase - Paint Drip / Floral Mix -Reds

Sunday, August 14, 2016

These shoes, always

My lovely partner Jackal has been making this style of shoe ever since it had to be applied in several pieces over an alpha way back in the days of Caledon. They've evolved over time, but not the classic shape, pointy and Edwardian with different degrees of heel. I've loved them all, and this pair, with all its lace embellishment, is no exception. Find them at Enchantment!

Hair: Foxy Smnitten Kitten with loose bangs
Necklace: Plastik Crystal Spires
Hand thingie: Belle Epoque your inner goddess hand thing in black / white
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui wicked booties for enchantment in black / pink
Outfits: u.f.o heart attack - skirt and shirt in skyblue and navy & Ricielli Yara dress in sand
Tattoo: White Widow vertigo