Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Don't jump your turn

I went to Lost & Found and got a bunch of skateboards. I used to skate in real life, until middle age rose up and stopped me! I still own a lovely Sector 9 longboard, and whenever I feel blue, I queue up "Carving the mountains," which is the best women's longboarding video ever.

Skateboard: 1. Le Coq D'or Ice Cream Skateboard from L&F
Hair: Clawtooth - The Sadness - Pastel
Skirt and top: Pixicat Sailor Skirt and Top in black
Tattoo: White Widow Tesis in white
Necklace and bow: Katat0nik (cupcake) carousel set in pink
Nosering: Kunst Flower Septum
Glasses: December Glasses No. 61

Skateboard: 1. Le Coq D'or Space Skateboard from L&F
Dress: Piero Shinobi sexy dress in blue
Hair: Clawtooth - The Sadness - Magic
Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ Foxlove tattoo set

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

And pluck till time and times are done

Maybe we are all looking for that moment of discovery and wonder. Maybe that's the draw of Gacha. I started writing this post, and my first thought was, "I went down to the Gacha Garden," and was immediately reminded of Yeats. Okay, I was actually reminded of the wrong Yeats poem (The Song of Wandering Aengus rather than Down by the Salley Garden), but when I re-read it, I realized why.

The poem is about a boy who goes fishing, and catches a magical fish in the cold hours of dawn in the hazel wood. When he catches the fish, he unhooks it and lays it on the floor, turning to fan the fire for cooking. But the fish becomes a girl with hair covered in apple blossoms, who says his name softly before running away on a teasing game of chase... The poem's last stanza is in retrospect, from the point of view of the boy as an old man. He's been trying to find the girl for all of these years, and will not give up hope. He dreams of kissing her, holding her hand and walking through beautiful orchards, picking for her the silver and gold apples of the orbs.

What are we doing when we play Gacha, or really buy anything, but attempting to re-create this joy of discovery? If we could trade in money for the awe of finding something imaginative and lovely, why not?

And so, of course: I went down to the Gacha Garden, and many things of wonder did I find.

CAE Sucre bracelet for Gacha Garden with ice cream, gummy bear, lolly, and candy charms
DOE April hair in twotone for Gacha Garden
S&P Oktoberfest clogs in sand, collar in sand, harness, lederhosen in olive, and stockings in black for Gacha Garden
Promagic glasses in beige for Gacha Garden

Sunday, July 31, 2016

If we met at midnight

Are you/are you/going to the Gacha Garden? I got to go a little early as a special gift from my SL partner (she might be a designer or something yanno), and as a result, I'm hanging around looking sultry and cute in all my gear. I dig this hair, for example. It's one color, but you can change the tips to be a few different cool contrasting pastels.

I also like this awesome dolly bear from Sweet Lies -- I got a Rare version with three different outfits, whee. And this lingerie from Roslin's Luxuria, I love it, and I can never figure out why the ef it interferes with my tattoo appliers. (Maybe the order in which I apply all the things? I really dunno.) Anyway -- check out the event here, it's worth every L.

Sweet Lies Dolly Bear RARE from Gacha Garden
Static Dragonfly Choker in gold for Gacha Garden - gift
AD hair in ginger for Gacha Garden (& black)
ERSCH Carambola Earrings for Gacha Garden - gift
Lassitude & Ennui Vindicator boots in black for Gacha Garden ( & rose)
Luxuria Briony Lingerie in black for Gacha Garden (& rose)
~silentsparrow~ A Desert Sublime tattoo (& foxgloves)