Saturday, July 16, 2016

A virtual week for a virtual king

Yesterday I realized I had a blank unassigned week in my agenda, and decided to use it as if I were someone entirely different than myself. I decided to be a medieval king in about 950 AD, and plan out my agenda as if I were that king. I crossed out all of the times of day and used monastic terms (Matins, None, Vespers), and referred to days of the week as "Kalends, one after Kalends, two after Kalends..." Then I filled my day with the things that a king would do.

I hunted (with hawks and dogs), fished, held court for my vassals, and patrolled my lands. I also feasted a lot on good beer and meat in many different forms, and a lot of canned/stewed vegetables and fruit. I am pretty sure I died of either scurvey, a head cold, or VD by the time I reached 50.

Anyway. These are the ways in which I amuse myself on long, hot summer evenings -- a virtual abstraction of my life in an imaginary, writing way, on top of the imaginary life I have in here. What do you guys do?

Also, I went to Kustom9! I love this damned event, and bought stuff for a house I don't even really do more than change in. C'est la second vie. Also, my hair is by Calico for Hair Fair. Love the poofy fantasy nature of it.

From FLF:
[tmk] skyroom
junk. vintage stage light.
From Kustom9:
[NO CONCEPT] (Natural dining set) 5.chair(green)
Concept} 07. Malfitana.LAMP 02
Concept} 08. Malfitana.LAMP 01
Concept} 12. Malfitana.CURTAIN 01
:HAIKEI: Container Plan Gacha / {5}
:HAIKEI: Container Plan Gacha / {3}

Schadenfreude Azure Sedusa Eyeliner
:{MV}: Underdark Horns Sylph
White Widow Tesis in white
Pink Fuel Drow face B Pure (whitebrow)
From Secret Affair:
Bliensen + MaiTai Suleyka earrings
From Hair Fair:
Calico Leila in pastels
From Kustom9:
Kunst Flower Septum (rare)
AMITOMO minimalist gacha #6 shorts & shirt & belt set
Poses: Kirin Poses - Lara pose pack

Friday, July 15, 2016

Bralets of delicate form

Yesterday I ventured outside of my RL house on a week night (I do this far too rarely), because the local art theater was hosting a film in the park. The film was Sabrina, one of my favorites, and they enticed us with cool grass and popcorn. A friend and I camped out on the grass in front of the projection screen and watched this charmingly black and white movie, and it felt like the best possible thing to do on a warm summer evening in the south.

The movie builds so slowly that the partners who were obviously dragged along napped on their picnic blankets, but by the middle of it, the relationship between Sabrina and Linus Larrabee drew in the ardent fans all over again. It's a delicate seduction, with Humphrey Bogart playing his character with a yankee sharpness and smartness that's lacking in many actors nowadays. Audrey Hepburn's emotions are vivid in her eyes, and she's lovely in her first collaboration with Givenchy.

(I did some digging, and apparently there's a 1995 Bollywood movie based on the plot entitled Yeh Dillagi. The plot twist is that the girl ends up with a different brother! I'll have to watch it to compare the versions of the film.)

Also encountered last night: Pokemon players galore. Will someone make a metaverse version of this game? Might be kinda fun...

I'm wearing Roslin's lovely new lingerie for {Luxuria} today. I feel like Lingerie has really undergone a revolution of late with all the fancy and additional straps, as well as a focus on actual female bodies with bralets as opposed to full and padded cups. It's nice to see this reflected in SL, where we don't need the support anyway. Roslin's shop is here, go check it out!

Beusy Nymph mesh hair - Season's Story
White Widow Legend tattoo in white
Luxuria lingerie

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The story of this season is: it's ****ing hot

This is the kind of summer where you really want to put on plastic aprons and sit on the boardwalk, no? Actually, I noticed that this Twisted Cake outfit was created by Amerie S., and thought -- yay, a name I recognize after all these years. I've followed her through her years as Amerie's Naughty and then just Amerie, and now she's moved on. But her sexy-cute take on fashion persists, and this item was definitely a must-have from the Season's Story haul.

And then, of course, some vines and bunnies made their way into my shopping basket, and a delicate little flower on a chain. Now I think I'll go find a beach that can tan a drow.

~silentsparrow~ Moonbun - Baby - Snow w/Moon
~silentsparrow~ Moonbun - Mom - Dove w/Moon
+Half-Deer+ Firefly Vine - Amber - Vert.

Hair: Cheveux M085 Hair Pastels
Pink Fuel Doll Vamp eyeshadow/tears and glossy lips
Schadenfreude Sakura Mori pendant
Twisted Cake Bikini in gold and clear salopette in black
White Widow Legend tattoo in white

Monday, July 11, 2016

Do you read the Tokyo Fashion News?

Do you follow the Tokyo Fashion News street photos? I am a complete addict, have been for years, and it absolutely informs my avatar's fashion sense. I had a whim to dress in Never Mind the Xu style -- so of course, I totally didn't. I took a left turn into macabre and pastel, and it's where my avatar's been for years. What is that fashion called, by the way? The one that's totally like a mix between oversized punk and goth?

I spotted this great hair at Ayashi, where I wandered after I was unable to get into the Season's Story. I have an issue with all the color changing huds that abound. How do you justify taking clothing OFF when all you have to do is change the color? Sigh. (These boots, for example. They are an older thing from Schadenfreude, but each strap can be its own texture.)

More from the Whole Wheat photosets -- gah, so creative!

Schadenfreude Ardor Anti/Grav boots
Schadenfreude amortentia sock appliers in lavender stripe
Katat0nik (princess) racing stripe hair bow
Katat0nik (white) Occult Dress
Pink Fuel Doll V2 vamp with brand new button ose & blush, tears II, and glossy black lips
Adoness lady crow choker
Katat0nik & Clemmm Clawarmers and black bandages
Silentsparrow fox tattoo

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Are you trapped? Are we all trapped?

Last night, Tea caught me before I'd put on pants, and tugged me over to see her guy Toast's photo sets (Toast is the guy behind Whole Wheat landscape & creations). They are drenched in purple light and full of magic and macabreness. Walking around in them put my restless soul at ease, for a while, and I remembered that I survived a failed attempt at a PhD program by wallowing in virtual worlds. It's been eight years since I began this damned blog, and I'm still enthralled by Second Life's ability to give imaginative journeys to those trapped in whatever way they're trapped.

Am I still trapped? I don't think so. I've grown into the person that I am, and I feel like I have a clear path ahead of me, although sometimes it gets frustrating. I think I'm back in Second Life because I missed the beauty of other people's art.

Speaking of, look at this gorgeous, purple-drenched stuff!  You can go find it all here.

I finally put on pants and made this look with some of the Collabor88 stuff.

Pants look:
Illusions Ibex horns
Mock Mizu Venetian red lipgloss (1)
(fd) Sweet Flowy Tank in orange / navy
(fd) Vintage thrifted pants in Navy / red
Pink Fuel Drow Face C with arched sharp white brows in pure
Clawtooth Storytime - Reds / magic pack
Lassitude & Ennui kitty sandals in brown/gold / teal/gold
Aitui septum stache in navy blue
White Widow Tesis in white

Top look:
Luxuria Misaki Lingerie in rose quartz
Clawtooth Storytime - Unicorn pack
Schadenfreude Thessaly jacket in dusk
Ingenue explorer sandals
White Widow face tattoo, Belle in red with eyeshadow
Other White Widow tattoos
Pink Fuel Drow - Face C - Dusk - Pure - nobrow
Plastik makeups - Lip Stripe
Illusions Ibex Horns