Monday, September 19, 2016

Tell me where the past years are

Monday's hitting me like a rainstorm, and everything aches just a little. I've never had trouble with my back before, but oh, being 43 changes so many things. I always wonder whether I'll be better or worse in a decade, and I've always lived as if the road in front of me was long. What if it's not? Would I still be sitting here at work with an aching back, trying to remember the meaning of life?

My daughter put it this way. "Mama, I think the meaning of life is to find people that you like and enjoy their company." I'm going to have to agree, and in my cube today, everything feels just a little off kilter.

Anyway. I went to wander The Secret Affair's sim, and realized that it was very pretty. I took a snapshot there, of two swans catching falling stars. Let's do that today instead.

Shoes: Ingenue Woodruff Boots in camel from Collabor88
Hair: Clawtooth The Princess Bride in Fancy from Collabor88
Outfit: Addams // Stefani military Suit in Orange from Collabor88
Glasses: Eclectica antique glasses - square
Skin: Pink Fuel Vamp Doll V2 with black cherry lips
Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ firehart tattoo

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