Friday, September 23, 2016

Stalking around suspiciously in orange

I seem to have defaulted to my usual color for the season, this nice buttery shade of orange. It's been my signature color in SL for many long years, and I still adore it. I like contrasting orange with its complementary color, blue, and found traces in this great tattoo from La Baguette. Honestly, the shop reminds me of the beautiful things from Miss Shippe's Studio back in the day ... Those were interesting times in my Second Life, and I miss her, from her Perdido Street Station insect head to her fine, sharp brain. She was a science teacher in real life, in second life she was a creator, making interesting worlds.

I've never had that talent. I'm just a diorama-ist, a set builder, staging a play in my own head with other people's creations. Okay, maybe this is a larger metaphor for life?

Tattoo: La Baguette
Outfit: Pixicat Casual Dungarees in leather from FLF
Glasses: Eclectica Antique Glasses - square
Bracelets: Schadenfreude rubber bracelets in yellow, white, pink
Shoes: Friday Dottie sneakers for FLF
Hair: D!va Erika in platinum

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