Sunday, September 4, 2016

Put a pumpkin on it

God, I love holidays in Second Life. They make me unabashedly excited about decorating, because it's 100% easier to clean up afterwards than it is in real life. It's time to pour an enormous bucket of orange all over the sim. It's time to dig the Schadenfreude pumpkins out of storage. It's time to find all the old, beloved Nonino stuff (RIP, I miss you Nonino), like the entire skybox they made that one time. It's time to seek out the Halloween hunts... yay October September!

I was so happy to see that Arcade got a start on it all with this RO gacha. In fact, I was happy in general about all this stuff from Arcade. Great round!

From Arcade:
Yummy Fifi's Crown ring
Yummy Boucle Tiara ring
(fd) Witch Dress in white
Moon hair in brunettes
Swallow supreme gold and white diamond set
RO Harvest Fair - Pumpkin Cat Hat
RO Harvest Fair - dinner fork

Pink Fuel Doll v2 Vamp with thin gloss (black cherry)
Schadenfreude gunmetal sedusa eyeliner

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