Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pie in a pile of leaves

I redid my land in Autumnal colors, and then I finally got into Collabor88. The result, my avatar can park her butt on this pretty wooden bench and contemplate life and pumpkins while unpacking the rest of her loot. (But honestly. I usually dress up my land only to tear it all back down again. I guess this is the inner Kali in all of us, that impulse to create and destroy.) (Happy turn of the season?)

I meant to take more photos, but then I decided to redo my house as well, with the A-frame from Collabor88. I'll post it in a day or two when I've got the time to finish decorating.

{what next} Fall Harvest Wheelbarrow
{what next} Country Kitchen Cookbook
{what next} Country Kitchen Apple Pie
{what next} Country Kitchen Blackberry Pie
dust bunny . autumns calling . wood table
dust bunny . autumns calling . bench

Other stuffs:
Schadenfreude Pumpkins
Kei's Old Time Carnival Ticket Booth
Balderdash - Woolgathering Tree (a-soft) amber
Balderdash - Fallen Leaves - Amber - groundcover 2
Balderdash - Wishflower - Withered

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