Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dragon moon

Once upon a time I was sitting in a cafe IRL, and a guy came up to chat with me because he noticed me taking screencaps of Second Life. "Do you have any ability to code this stuff?" he asked, apparently confused about what I was doing. "Nope. I'm just a photographer in this game," I said sheepishly. It highlighted to me a few things: First, that this niche of photographing and blogging about virtual worlds is something not many people would understand, and second, that this skill doesn't translate well at all to real life. At least it's a viable skill here, right? Heh.

Yesterday I spent some time wandering the Moon Festival sim -- it'll open on October 1. It's a very cute Japanese-style harvest festival, and I really liked the way they decked out the sim. I still have my scary kimono from Katat0nik, and I think I'll slide it on when I wander the festival in earnest.

You can check out the stuff that's posted so far in the Flicker group, and check out the sim on October 1.

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