Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Cool nights wrapped in cotton

Today I'm previewing some of the outfits from the Moon Festival. It's been a lot of fun getting the blogger packs for this event -- I always like wearing yukata, and I also like trying to figure out what things are. For example my oversized necklace of spirit beads. Are they traditional? Should I even be wearing them? Am I committing a cultural faux-pas? After a bit of research, I was relieved to find I was not. Anyway. The moon festival opens on October 1, and you can check out the other things offered at the pretty event over here!

Headband: G*Field flower headband in white/pink
Shoes: Ingenue Artemis sandals in crimson/leaf
Skin: Pink Fuel Crystal Doll V2 with Catwa appliers
Beads: Distant Designs Withered monk/spirit beads in jade/sanguine for the Moon Festival
Outfit: DWD Festival Yukatas #1 and #2 for the Moon Festival
Hair: Barberyumyum 83 in anime colors

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