Sunday, September 18, 2016

Barely Autumnal?

My land is always a work in progress, and I'm pretty sure that what looks settled is only going to look this way until the next event comes along and I quietly harvest a huge slew of stuff for my "Stuff" folder. I tried my best to be autumnal, but I stumbled across Circa's Gypsy MoonSea set, and it talked me into a nice teal and purple theme. This, combined with Allegory's Crystal Cottage set (and various other whimsical pieces from Schadenfreude) turned my living room into something playful.

Also, it's tough decorating for A-frame ceilings! I had to find extra-low bookshelves (thanks, 'PC', whoever you are), and turn things hung on the ceiling at an angle. Still, interesting spacial constraints are always fun to work with. I made the kitchen into an office, and turned the loft into a space I can use to play with new stuff that I dunno what to do with. Anyway, welcome into my home!


[ba] yosemite a-frame from Collabor88
PILOT - Plant Collection Crate 2 from Collabor88
{what next} Fall Harvest Wheelbarrow from Collabor88
[CIRCA] - "Algonquin Outdoors" Adirondack Chairs and pumpkins

Living room:

Schadenfreude Mounted Unicorn Head
~Scribble~ Tapestry/Tie Dye/Springtime/Rug (With Shadow)
PC 'Mystique' Room Bookshelf - 2 Li
~silentsparrow~ Carny - Dodo! Standing -- group gifts
Schadenfreude Crystal Cottage- Light Fireplace
Schadenfreude Crystal Cottage- Dark Crystal Ball
Schadenfreude Teal/Teal [Kraken] To the Lighthouse Coffee Table
Schadenfreude Freed Glowing Stars (2LI)
Schadenfreude Crystal Cottage- Pastel Obelisk Set: 5
LISP - Anna Sofa - New Version 4
/artilleri/ Irvine chairs

[CIRCA] - "Winter Grove" Berry Tree Planter - Pewter & Blue
[CIRCA] - "Into the Forest" Autumn Wall Branch - White/Dk Org
[CIRCA] - "Juniper Ridge" Picture Ladder - Mixed Woods
[CIRCA] - "Juniper Ridge" Autumn Leaf Wreath
[CIRCA] - "WATERDOWN" Pear Bowl & Vase - Plum
[CIRCA] - "Gypsy MoonSea" Dresser Candles
[CIRCA] - "Dreamer Light Art" - Star Chandelier - Pastels
[CIRCA] - "Gypsy MoonSea" Vintage Dresser - Mixed
[CIRCA] - "Gypsy MoonSea" Strapped Chest with Items
[CIRCA] - "Gypsy MoonSea" Velvet Area Rug - Purple

Reading nook:

love my crows - Rodriguez Munro 1
+Half-Deer+ Coming up Roses - Easel (Wood + Roses)
LISP - Eva Sofa - texture change
[ a i s l i n g ] My Deer Carpet
Schadenfreude Lamp From Another Place (light)
Schadenfreude Ambrosio Coffee Table
PC 'Mystique' Room Bookshelf - 2 Li


Schadenfreude Piaf Lamp (touch for light)
Foxlove - Original Art by hyasynth Tiramisu - group gift
~silentsparrow~ Spellbooks - group gift

[CIRCA] - "Va Voom" Area Rug - Damask - Scarlet
[CIRCA] - "Constantine" Gothic Curtains - Ruby Brocade (copy)
[CIRCA] - "Va Voom" Baroque Chaise - Silver Velvet (48 pos)
[CIRCA] - "Modus" Industrial Cabinet - Brushed Metal
[CIRCA] - "Modus" Industrial Cog Art - Steel

Mystic loft:

[CIRCA] - "Look Beyond" Fortune Teller Table - Blue Moon
[CIRCA] - "Look Beyond" Chairs - Blue - Fortune Teller (2 pos)
[CIRCA] - "Gypsy MoonSea" Velvet Area Rug - Emerald

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