Thursday, September 8, 2016

Are you a hockey fan?

I'm watching the World Cup of Hockey tonight. Are you? In between game moments (Team Europe vs. Team Kid), I logged into SL to find that Katat0nik has made a pretty (macabre, strap-laden) dress for Collabor88. My kid, sitting beside me, said, "That is a cute dress, I would wear it."

It's wonderful and interesting how many things have remained the same after a year off of blogging...

Anyway. Back to watching Team Kid outskate Team Old Guys from Europe!

Eclectica antique glasses - square
Katat0nik yellow Ribbons dress
Swallow supreme gold and strawberry septum piercing
ROC Sneakers in white -- i love this sneaker shop
Exile Cold in Wildcards
[PF] Doll V2 Vorpal Horns (resize)
MishMish - Bunny Fluffz - Violet
{SS} Ice Storm Lamp - Harvest Gold (touch for light) [old]

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