Monday, August 22, 2016

The last American exit

My dear pal Loafy talked to me yesterday about Tragically Hip, and how the lead singer Gord has a swiftly-progressing cancer and will soon likely die. He gave his last performance in Canada on Saturday night. Loafy said, it really struck him that a man about to die has yet impacted so many.

I've had cancer, I've come out the other side (for now, anyway, although it requires some monitoring), and I've had other diseases as well (hello, fibroids). The body is frail, and yet it's our only node to connect to this earth, to roll around in it and be impacted by it and give love to it. What is our best contribution?

What am I contributing today that makes any kind of impact? Maybe it's this -- these words, going out to you, to ask that you think with me. Who was touched by your life? What did you leave behind?

~silentsparrow~ Booby! - Love
~silentsparrow~ Booby! - Slushie

Schadenfreude Miche boots
a. Goupil Mad /pastel/ fox ears from 2014 ok, still cute
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Schadenfreude Miche boots
White Widow Vertigo in black - arms
Katat0nik School Ghoul uniform in black and white from the Creators Collection Box (CCB7)
Katat0nik School Ghoul bow, skull collar, and skull cuff from the Creators Collection Box (CCB7)
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