Monday, August 15, 2016

Meant to fly

I slept for 9 whole hours in a row, Saturday night, and when I was finally awake on Sunday this is exactly how I felt. I put on ancient baggy sweat pants and a sweat shirt and slippers and crashed the hell out, and it felt amazing. Also, I got a bunch of elegant furniture from Circa, stuff that really helped to round out my outdoor bedroom. It's the Takumi set, and it is meant for a Japanese living room, but works very well underneath the bauwerk Moroccan bed.

Anyway. Stuff. Here's to a full work week and Monday morning!

+Half-Deer+ Sweet Dream Slippers - Shiba Inu from Gacha Garden

ionic . Kitchen Shelf
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Moroccan Bed - RARE from Gacha Garden
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Banana Tree - COMMON from Gacha Garden
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Floor Pillow A - 9 Fabric Menu (8 pos)
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Shoji Screen - Redwood Frame
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Paper Table Light - Black Wood
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Floor Pillow B - 9 Fabric Menu (8 pos)
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Velvet Area Rug - Red w/ Grey trim
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Bonzai Planter - Grey / Deep Red Flowers
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Side Table - Door open - Redwood
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Highback Chair - Redwood (9 fabrics /14 pos)
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Floor Vase - Paint Drip / Floral Mix -Reds

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