Monday, August 8, 2016

Delicate foot chains

Do any of you ever fall into a fandom head-first, one that you've never considered before, because it suddenly makes sense in your life? There's always a moment when things align -- inside of you, outside of you -- and a certain kind of interaction or plot or vision of the future suddenly clicks into focus. A little while ago it was hockey, for me. And now it's, er, it's Star Trek. Even though I know it's a deep, dark dive into an ancient fandom that is rife with issues that I don't yet know, I'm still fascinated. It always feels like falling in love, and those first months are an aching wave of sweetness.

Anyway, look, I am wearing pretty things from Gacha Garden, and own more pretty things from it! Gacha, so satisfying, and now I'm probably maxing out our Sim's limit in rezzed objects. (Sorry, Jackal!)

fashionably dead floral harness in mint and floral shorts in white
LODE head accessory - southern magnolia wreath at Chapter Four
Wicca's Wardrobe - Elowen (brass) at Gacha Garden - shoes
SPELL - drogon choker (silver) at Gacha Garden
Pr!tty - Gemma - Colorfuls at Gacha Garden
White Widow Tesis in white

[CIRCA] - "Luna Bay" Terra Rust Pot - Croton Planter
Candy Crunchers - Boho Lounger
Schadenfreude There's a Fish in the Percolator (opening)
i { DH } Gacha! Match Me Playing Cards
i { DH } Gacha! Little Bowling Pins
ionic . Rounded Table

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