Sunday, August 7, 2016

Converse and a bat


I woke up at 6 AM and wrote about hockey on a sunday. Do you guys like sports? It got me in an in-your-face kinda mood, so I'm carrying around this bat full of silver nails from Gacha Garden. I do love Gacha items for stretching what kinds of stuff I put on my avatar. Like kitty helmets, yanno? Anyway. Everyone have an extremely chill Sunday please.

[Since1975] - Bat'sGacha - Silver Nail from Gacha Garden
ROC Canvas Seanker! High-Star
Plastik Caged Crystal Earrings from Gacha Garden
Ayashi Jozi hair - pink set from Gacha Garden
Meva Iris Collar in pink from Gacha Garden
fashionably dead floral shorts in black
Pixicat sailor top in black
White Widow Charade tattoo

^BADa^stream RARE3 hair blonde from Gacha Garden
Luxuria Augustina Bodysuit in black
MadPea - The Flying Creature Squad - Kitty Helmet from Gacha Garden

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