Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The story of this season is: it's ****ing hot

This is the kind of summer where you really want to put on plastic aprons and sit on the boardwalk, no? Actually, I noticed that this Twisted Cake outfit was created by Amerie S., and thought -- yay, a name I recognize after all these years. I've followed her through her years as Amerie's Naughty and then just Amerie, and now she's moved on. But her sexy-cute take on fashion persists, and this item was definitely a must-have from the Season's Story haul.

And then, of course, some vines and bunnies made their way into my shopping basket, and a delicate little flower on a chain. Now I think I'll go find a beach that can tan a drow.

~silentsparrow~ Moonbun - Baby - Snow w/Moon
~silentsparrow~ Moonbun - Mom - Dove w/Moon
+Half-Deer+ Firefly Vine - Amber - Vert.

Hair: Cheveux M085 Hair Pastels
Pink Fuel Doll Vamp eyeshadow/tears and glossy lips
Schadenfreude Sakura Mori pendant
Twisted Cake Bikini in gold and clear salopette in black
White Widow Legend tattoo in white

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