Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sea-splashed rocks of home

I am wearing unseasonably warm clothing to visit my partner Jackal's wee sea-side cottage. It was cold by the rocks, honest. So I, uh, had to wear leather pants, very warm boots, and this sweater. But my stomach never gets cold, ever, so I wore the shortest sweater I could find.

Y'all would laugh at the amount of struggle and pain I've had trying to figure out my mesh (SLink) body. So you can turn the body off in slices to better fit your clothes, eh? And you can toggle on the tattoo and clothing layers, eh? It only took me ... two hours, tops, to figure it all out. *cough* And yeah, there was still a lot of "why doesn't this damned thing show up!"

Anyway. I still love SL and still love admiring other people's creativity, in landscapes, in clothing.

fashionably dead Goddess Necklace Light
DP yumyum 77 in beige
Katat0nik (red) Bunny Cropped Turtleneck
Katat0nik (orange branches) Autumn Blues
Plastik Summer Markings Freckled Skin
Schadenfreude Miche Boots
Lassitude & Ennui Handstitched Leather Leggings in red

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