Sunday, July 17, 2016

Monkey? Bear? Cat?

Look at this crazy hair from Katat0nik! There are more types than this, and you can channel your own laquer nesting doll by visiting the Okinawa Summer Festival and playing her gacha. I do love how the side buns hair reminds me of the Russian animated monkey/bear thing, Cheburashka. I'm tempted to put on a furry brown coat and blue scarf and spend the rest of my day pretending.

In other news, I hung out in another one of Whole Wheat's builds, this time in a bikini standing next to an unconcerned horse.

Katat0nik Kokeshi hair gacha at the Okinawa summer festival (SLURL here)
side buns bows
high buns
kitty bow

Cameo 6ixx Sydni Shorts in black
Cameo 6ixx Shelby Knotted T-shirt in black
Nosering: Kunst flower septum

Makeup: The Snow Crane by Miss Shippe
Skin: Pink Fuel Doll V2 Vamp with glossy black lips and black brows
Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui forget-me-not necklace in silver
Ring: Schadenfreude Cat Wee Beastie Ring

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