Sunday, July 31, 2016

If we met at midnight

Are you/are you/going to the Gacha Garden? I got to go a little early as a special gift from my SL partner (she might be a designer or something yanno), and as a result, I'm hanging around looking sultry and cute in all my gear. I dig this hair, for example. It's one color, but you can change the tips to be a few different cool contrasting pastels.

I also like this awesome dolly bear from Sweet Lies -- I got a Rare version with three different outfits, whee. And this lingerie from Roslin's Luxuria, I love it, and I can never figure out why the ef it interferes with my tattoo appliers. (Maybe the order in which I apply all the things? I really dunno.) Anyway -- check out the event here, it's worth every L.

Sweet Lies Dolly Bear RARE from Gacha Garden
Static Dragonfly Choker in gold for Gacha Garden - gift
AD hair in ginger for Gacha Garden (& black)
ERSCH Carambola Earrings for Gacha Garden - gift
Lassitude & Ennui Vindicator boots in black for Gacha Garden ( & rose)
Luxuria Briony Lingerie in black for Gacha Garden (& rose)
~silentsparrow~ A Desert Sublime tattoo (& foxgloves)

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