Monday, July 25, 2016

Fox masks and bloody kimono

Well, well, well. Another cute/horrific Japanese event, and I want nearly everything there. I'm grateful that events exist -- it's such a good way to browse curated new works and really go for what thematically jives with me. (I'm a huge fan of We Heart RP, for example!) Wouldn't it be even more awesome if events like this were also good places to congregate and look at each other? Imagine if lag and rendering were no issue at all? Second Life would be that much more fun ...

Anyway. I am hanging out in Kat & Clemmm's kimonos for this event, and it looks like I need to go back and get a bunch of accessories, too. Come hang out with me at UBUME! I'll see your floating head and disembodied clothing lurking in front of you, no doubt, but it's the ghost in the shell that matters.

Clemmm & Katat0nik Spider Lily Cursed Kimono and White Rabit Cursed Kimono with:
corpse ornaments
kimono with teeth
a foot strap
hanging bandage
hair bow thingie

Schadenfreude Stripey Spiral Horn Earrings
Schadenfreude purple sedusa eyeliner
Pink Fuel Doll V2 (vamp) with purple thin gloss
7+Piero black shinobi tabi boots
Calico Leila in Fades

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