Monday, July 11, 2016

Do you read the Tokyo Fashion News?

Do you follow the Tokyo Fashion News street photos? I am a complete addict, have been for years, and it absolutely informs my avatar's fashion sense. I had a whim to dress in Never Mind the Xu style -- so of course, I totally didn't. I took a left turn into macabre and pastel, and it's where my avatar's been for years. What is that fashion called, by the way? The one that's totally like a mix between oversized punk and goth?

I spotted this great hair at Ayashi, where I wandered after I was unable to get into the Season's Story. I have an issue with all the color changing huds that abound. How do you justify taking clothing OFF when all you have to do is change the color? Sigh. (These boots, for example. They are an older thing from Schadenfreude, but each strap can be its own texture.)

More from the Whole Wheat photosets -- gah, so creative!

Schadenfreude Ardor Anti/Grav boots
Schadenfreude amortentia sock appliers in lavender stripe
Katat0nik (princess) racing stripe hair bow
Katat0nik (white) Occult Dress
Pink Fuel Doll V2 vamp with brand new button ose & blush, tears II, and glossy black lips
Adoness lady crow choker
Katat0nik & Clemmm Clawarmers and black bandages
Silentsparrow fox tattoo

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