Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Can I get laughing gas in that pack?

My daughter is having a wonderfully geeky summer. I know that bringing up kids is 100% just growing my own fun friend to hang out with, so I've been enjoying her geeky summer too. Do you guys follow the geek folk band The Doubleclicks? They were in our town, and we got to go see them in an intimate little venue. It was fantastic, my daughter's first concert. Then, we went to the live show of Welcome to Night Vale, and it was SUCH a gathering of Night Vale fans that it felt like a con. (Hey, are there geek cons in Second Life? Imagine if Comicon were also in Second Life?) Heck, a lady dressed as the glow cloud, and the whole audience intoned "ALL HAIL."

In Second Life, I've been sorting my stuffed Objects folder, and came out with old but nice bits of goodness -- this adorable and useful kitty rebreather with gas pack from Katat0nik, because it's important to be realistic here in second life. Also, these hairs are new from Clawtooth. Nice coloring, Bubs!

Hair: Clawtooth: The Sweetness - Light Ombre Pack
Gas Mask: Katat0nik & Clemmm (black kitty) gas mask and tank backpack
Shirt: Lazybones cropped shirt in black
Shorts: Lazybones leather boxers in black
Tattoo: White Widow Zoom
Rings: Schadenfreude Waits - Lucky Day and Mockin' Bird Rings
Ears: GField Cat Ears Headband
Eyes: Schadenfreude sedusa eyeliner and shadow

Hair: Clawtooth: The Sweetness - Pastel Pack
Gas Mask: Katat0nik & Clemmm (lavender kitty) gas mask and tank backpack
Jeans: Emery Banks Ripped Knees Jeans in pure
Shirt: Lazybones Joanna Bralet in Lilac
Tattoo: White Widow Charade
Rings: Schadenfreude Waits - I'll Shot the Moon and The Briar & the Rose

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