Sunday, July 24, 2016

By Mombi's heads

The other day, settling into a new little house thing in SL, I realized that it looks a lot like my real life home, right down to the distressed metal display case. Crazy, right? I laughed at myself for totally replicating how I live in real life in second life -- and then realized that this is probably what we all do. It's like lining a nest, building a den for our imagination. We bring what's comfortable, couches and pillows and objects. Maybe some of us build the Versailles or the bunker of their dreams, but so many of us don't. (Anyway, it's still ridiculous that I need a room of my own that totally resembles of my own.)

Back to the idea of a den for my own imagination. I'm still terrified of the operation I'm having in October, and undoubtedly that's why I'm back here, in this place where fake bodies can be swapped out as regularly as the heads of Mombi of the North.

Um. Here are two hair fair hairs by Calico! We are all Mombi.

Illusions Ibex horns
Calico Wendy for Hair Fair in pastels
Pixicat hunter pants in black
Pixicat Linn top - latex for FLF
Pink Fuel Doll V2 in Vamp with glossy black lips
Vale Koer radiant sandals
Ellabella Saint piercings
Ellabella Nuala necklace in jet
Bliensen + MaiTai Gilgalad tiara
White Widow Tesis
Plastik Bloodless eyes in Silvered

Calico Hazel for Hair Fair in fades
Pixicat hunter set in black
Plastik Frecka summer markings skin
Pink Fuel doll Vorpal Horns
Pink Fuel glossy pout lipstick in choco
Bliensen + MaiTai Gilgalad tiara
Ellabella Saint piercings
Lassitude & Ennui Bernadotte boots in black
White Widow Charade in black

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