Sunday, July 10, 2016

Are you trapped? Are we all trapped?

Last night, Tea caught me before I'd put on pants, and tugged me over to see her guy Toast's photo sets (Toast is the guy behind Whole Wheat landscape & creations). They are drenched in purple light and full of magic and macabreness. Walking around in them put my restless soul at ease, for a while, and I remembered that I survived a failed attempt at a PhD program by wallowing in virtual worlds. It's been eight years since I began this damned blog, and I'm still enthralled by Second Life's ability to give imaginative journeys to those trapped in whatever way they're trapped.

Am I still trapped? I don't think so. I've grown into the person that I am, and I feel like I have a clear path ahead of me, although sometimes it gets frustrating. I think I'm back in Second Life because I missed the beauty of other people's art.

Speaking of, look at this gorgeous, purple-drenched stuff!  You can go find it all here.

I finally put on pants and made this look with some of the Collabor88 stuff.

Pants look:
Illusions Ibex horns
Mock Mizu Venetian red lipgloss (1)
(fd) Sweet Flowy Tank in orange / navy
(fd) Vintage thrifted pants in Navy / red
Pink Fuel Drow Face C with arched sharp white brows in pure
Clawtooth Storytime - Reds / magic pack
Lassitude & Ennui kitty sandals in brown/gold / teal/gold
Aitui septum stache in navy blue
White Widow Tesis in white

Top look:
Luxuria Misaki Lingerie in rose quartz
Clawtooth Storytime - Unicorn pack
Schadenfreude Thessaly jacket in dusk
Ingenue explorer sandals
White Widow face tattoo, Belle in red with eyeshadow
Other White Widow tattoos
Pink Fuel Drow - Face C - Dusk - Pure - nobrow
Plastik makeups - Lip Stripe
Illusions Ibex Horns

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