Thursday, June 30, 2016

Well this is awkward.

Whenever I have hefty writing assignments, I feel compelled to use a different part of my brain. I did that last weekend -- wrote and researched a lot -- and the end result was that I desperately needed to take pictures of my avatar in pretty clothing. I logged into SL, and such is the kindness of Jackal Ennui (I miss ya!) that my house and all my things were still there, despite not being around since, um, ... last... February? 

I also found that I'd forgotten a lot of things, and had to relearn some. "Where's my butt," I thought, staring in perplexity at my avatar. "Why is my entire body an attachment."

With some kind help from Hyasinth I figured it out. It was good to chat with some people again -- I also got to say howdy to Ms. Grady, whom I've missed too. 

I know I'm supposed to say things about my clothing now. So I pulled the hair out of an ancient hair folder. I think it's an old Clawtooth 'do. The dress is probably old hat by now too, but it's by Ms. Jackal and is fabulous. Look at that texture! The cool twiggy head thing is from Katat0nik, complete with attachable leaves, and the shoes are from Allegory. 

It's so hot here in Real Life Land that I decided to dress for fall. 

Nice to see everyone! Now let's see whose feeds I'm still aggregated on... :D

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