Monday, February 9, 2015

The dark and dark

Scribbled Hearts (1)

I'm still wandering the grid in 2009-era clothing! This past week I visited the lush little sim of Scribbled Hearts, after seeing a pretty photo of it on Koinup. I like going to wintery places because my real-life body is stuck in the sun. Winter isn't winter unless the virtual cold is making my virtual skin creep. The sim has two home decor shops on it, Tart and Plethora, but I mostly wandered instead of shopped. I really like the way the coastline is ragged and reedy, and the way the snow blows over everything and gives it a light dusting. Definitely an almost-spring snow, I can smell the bulbs about to burst.

My 2009-era outfit this week is care of Katat0nik, her old pumpkin cream outfit. I got nostalgic and put on Violet Voltaire's Or-Ach cameo. The shoes are the the first pair that Jackal ever gave me back in 2007. Gotta love this ATI-driver issue for continuing to give me an excuse to wear my clothing layers...

Stay tuned for sim photos of Zombiefest! When the sim is up and running (and just before the vendors arrive), I will be stalking it.

Scribbled Hearts (2)

Scribbled Hearts (3)

The days are short,
  The sun a spark
Hung thin between
  The dark and dark.
-- John Updike

Old clothes by old friends

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