Saturday, May 17, 2014

What does the moi say?

GENRE: furry round

GENRE reset, and it’s the Furry round! I’m obviously not used to being a furry at all, which is why I’m butt nekkid here, not even in hair. Still, this full-mesh avatar is cute enough that I think I can pull that off! It’s the Lil’ Fox avatar from Beastie Shack, and comes with a variety of options for eye shape and stuff. (God SL has come a long way since you had to attach each part of the furry as though you were putting on strange, bulky clothing!) The mask is by Chimeric Fashions, made especially to fit around a muzzle. Read more about this round of GENRE here!

Avatar: Beastie Shack Lil’ Fox for GENRE
Mask: Chimeric Fashions Furry Domino for GENRE

Friday, May 16, 2014

World Goth Fair (6)

L&E dress in Rose coloring!

Jackal made an elegant gradiented and gauze-covered dress for the World Goth Fair. It doesn’t actually come with these sleeves, but they totally suit it! The sleeves and shoes are from Pale Empress, and go with a gorgeous roleplay skirt that’ll get your hips moving. (I’ll wear the skirt with something else!) My face piercings are from Ellabella, the last you’ll see of her in a few months. She’s taking a small break for R&R, so everyone wish her health and happiness and fun! (Come visit, Ellantha!) World Goth Fair is now open, and you can find all the URLs over here. Ooh, just noticed there’s live music tonight!

L&E dress

Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui Ravenskull necklace in black for WGF
Dress: Lassitude & Ennui Mystic dress in rose/black for WGF
Jewelry: Ellabella Division for WGF
Eyes: Ellabella Phantasm in Pale One for WGF
Shoes: Pale Empress Severina sandals in green/black for WGF
Sleeves: Pale Empress sleeves in rose/black for WGF
Eyeshadow: By Snow Nalea eyeshadow in green/yellow for WGF
Horns: Lassitude & Ennui Spring Horns in dark
Skin: MIA14 EMBER skin in white with auburn eyebrows
Lips: Pink Fuel classic pout lipstick in teal/black
Hair: Clawtooth Lady Julliette in glow worm/red eye flight
Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ lepidoptera tattoo in raven’s wing/absynth

World Goth Fair (5)

WGF (3)

I really like all the time I’ve had to do my own thing lately, especially put together pretty outfits. Unemployment is kind of a blessing, really — all of the stuff for World Goth Fair would be overwhelming if I didn’t have this time to properly sort it. In fact, there’s a box from my own partner Jackal that I haven’t gotten around to opening yet (I’ll do it today) because of the sheer amount of cool STUFF. This outfit by FOSCA de LE is adorable, isn’t it? It comes with shoes and tights, not shown. It reminds me of Aisuru Reiko’s lolita-style blogging from back in the day. I miss you, Aisuru. Anyway, WGF is now open! Here’s your ride.

Eyeshadow: By Snow Nalea Eyeshadow in red for WGF
Eyes: By Snow Midnight eyes - red for WGF
Hat: Kita's Sideshow Seeing Death Hat in red for WGF
Shoes: Ingenue Sophia Heels in noir
Dress: FOSCA de LE Miyuki dress in Onyx for WGF
Glasses: Eclectica Antique Glasses - square for WGF
Hair: Damselfly Declan in greys for WGF
Bag: Bliensen + MaiTai Pipistrello bag in red for WGF
Skin: MIA14 Ember skin in white
Lipstick: Pink Fuel Classic Pout Lipstick in red
Jewelry: Schadenfreude Jerry's Cherries earrings and necklace
Leg tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ crowjane

Thursday, May 15, 2014

World Goth Fair (4)

WGF Gazebos

I’ve been slowly landscaping with the help of this stuff from the World Goth Fair. It opens today, May 15th, at noon SLT! Here are two different choices of gazebo for your perusal, both of them well-suited for a macabre dreamland. Now, if you’ll forgive me, I’m off to get my cavities filled. Darn my sweet tooth!

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Gothic Gazebo
TDF's Modern Gothic Gazebo Pink
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Amber Lamp Gold
Balderdash - Saiygewood - Safe Haven Tree (m/t)
Balderdash - Saiygewood - The Dreaming Forest
Various flowers from Forest Feast

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

World Goth Fair (3)

WGF (2)

I woke up to my husband singing “Hallelujah” in an incredibly off-key voice, and so I had to dig up a better version. Here’s one of my favorites, a version by k.d. lang. CLEANSE MY EARS, OH k.d.!

Maybe there’s a God above
But all I’ve ever learned from love
Was how to shoot at someone who outdrew you

Aside from my morning serenade, I have many lovely new clothing items from the World Goth Fair. The hair, eyeshadow, little dress, boots, nails… I’m a pretty pretty Gothic babydoll princess today. The necklace, however, is a nifty creation from my favorite crazy Italian, Riri Nini. I adore it! Now I'm off to get my teeth drilled.

Eyeshadow: By Snow Nalea Eyeshadow in Cobalt for WGF
Eyes: By Snow Midnight Eyes II - Cobalt (L) for WGF
Nails: By Snow Goth Fishnet Nails in teal for WGF
Shoes: Mellies Vintage Boot in white for WGF
Dress, stockings: DemotiK Corset top babydoll in teal for WGF
Hair: Damselfly Pagan in 608 for WGF
Necklace: Hate Me and Eat Me Irie Necklace in Silver
Nosering: Ellabella Rondure in platinum & garnet
Skin: MIA14 Ember skin in white with teal brows
Lipstick: Pink Fuel Classic Pout lipstick in teal gradient
Tattoo with applier: Ner .Ink death before dishonor

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

World Goth Fair (2)

WGF decor (1)

The second that [bauwerk] sent me a review pack for World Goth Fair that contained the word “Cthulhu,” I admit that I drooled. You saw one side of my one-room shack the other day, and now you can see its redheaded stepsister. The sinister side of my house is all done up in dark colors and darker furniture, complete with these macabrely adorable chairs and cheerfully macabre jar lights from TDF.

Ah, did I mention the dressing screen, above, by NanTra? It has two color options (the other one is black damask) and EIGHT POSES. I quite love this pose, although the one where you're peeking out from behind the screen is adorable too. The World Goth Fair opens up on the 15th (if all goes well), and you can play with your own dark decor very soon!

WGF decor (2)

WGF decor (3)

Stuff from WGF:
{NanTra} Picture In the Attic screen
TDF's Jarlight in all colors
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Graphic Chair Octopus
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Graphic Chair Bat
22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Nevermore Black/Iron
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Chtuluh Armchair Black Leather
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Amber Lamp Iron
Other stuff:
Schadenfreude Ambrosio Coffee Table
[CIRCA] - "Constantine" Gothic Frame - Antique Key - B&W
[CIRCA] - "Constantine" Gothic Curtains - Ruby Brocade
POST / Metropol Salon Rug

World Goth Fair (1)


So, I'm going to be looking like this type of avatar for a bit, because the World Goth Fair is opening on May 15th. I've been following the group as they create and set up the fair, and the buzz is pretty exciting. The early birds have already sent out their review items, and I'm in quite a few of them. (Gah, I forgot to credit my nails, but my photo of them isn't great so never mind.) Anyway, read more about the fair over here, and get excited with me!

Skin: Silken Moon Plaster Princess for World Goth Fair
Armwarmers: Greymoon corsetted leather armwarmers for World Goth Fair
Glasses: Eclectica antique glasses - half-rimmed for World Goth Fair
Hair: Damselfly Siny with color 607 for World Goth Fair
Skirt: SongBird Shay Skirt in purple stripe for World Goth Fair
Shirt: SongBird Ribbed Tank in purple reverse for World Goth Fair
Face tattoo: White Widow september gift
Boots: Slink Demi Boots in black
Necklace: Yummy belt choker in gold
Tattoo: Wicked Retrieve tattoo
Ears: Schadenfreude Mer-Elf Ears, Ankh & Plugs

Monday, May 12, 2014

Getting my house in order

Room by CIRCA

Hello! Yay, unemployment! I've had time to put up a house again, which means that I could also dig out this great set that CIRCA made for the Monochromatic Fair. That ended, er, last week... but the items are now at the CIRCA main shop. It's called the Charlotte Bay set, and I'm a sucker for that shade of blue. The coffee table has three wood choices, and there are a few items in the set that I haven't shown (like the swinging couch -- my roof was too high!). Anyway, go check it out over here.

Items from CIRCA:
[CIRCA] - "Charlotte Bay" Sofa - Blues - 28 pos & 8 colour menu
[CIRCA] - "Charlotte Bay" Coffee Table (3 woods w/ menu)
[CIRCA] - "Charlotte Bay" Retro Chair1 -12 pos & 10 colour menu
[CIRCA] - "Charlotte Bay" Cafe Stool 3 - Indigo (3 pos)
[CIRCA] - "Charlotte Bay" Sofa Table with Sea Birds - Birch
[CIRCA] - "Charlotte Bay" Modern Floor Vase - Birch
[CIRCA] - "Winter Holiday" Modern Twig Decor Vase - Blue/Silver

Another shot of the room.

Other decor:
House: POST Gunshot Cabin
~silentsparrow~ Constellation art
love my crows - Rodriguez Munro 1
{meberry} Hanging lamps sky
Schadenfreude Distressed Bethlem Apothecary Cabinet
Spooky Friends ~silentsparrow~ (display!)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I feel like a defective typewriter

Moar C88

World Goth Fair is coming up and so I gotta blog the last of my Collabor88 loot. It’s this outfit! I think I look tough but sexy, just like Rizzo from Grease. (I always loved her most, she got the most shit but was the strongest yet most vulnerable of them all. Sandra Dee was simply a blonde.) Wait, what the hell was I just… Oh. More of the same stuff I’ve been in all week: awesome skins from Plastik, awesome clothing from fashionably Dead.

Shoes: Miel Gladiator Cage - solid for this past FLF
Hair: INK OGLE in coal
Skin: Plastik Astrali skin and Sonorus ears in Sylrahr tone, with moss eyeshadow
Earrings: Plastik Maleil earrings in Cremesicle
Collar: T.arnished thorns at my throat for Enchantment
Shirt: fashionably Dead spring button top in canary for C88
Skirt: fashionably Dead full spring skirt in canary for C88
Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ Cygnus constellation tattoos
Lipstick: Buzz satin lips in bronze
Eyes: TSM Catscratch eyes in yellow Phire
Glasses: Vintage /Artilleri/

Cherry pie


Do you re-wear your clothing? I know that fashion bloggers are a weird bunch. In general we blog because there’s something new that we’re showing off or advertising, and therefore it sometimes becomes about NEW NEW NEW. I really like the philosophy of one real-life fashion blogger who said, “I’ve decided to not buy anything new. I will show the same outfits on my blog as often as I want.” In her spirit, I’ve begun to deliberately repeat certain things. In a way, when I get large review boxes, this is good — I can show more than one color of something, or more than one way to style it. I’m also trying my best to reach back into my inventory and wear old stuff (like these shoes from February! So old!).

But, uh, onto the newness. This dress is Katat0nik’s pretty diner waitress dress for Collabor88. The little cherry totally kills me!

Wings: ~silentsparrow~ fluffeh wings
Hair: Clawtooth A Little Lamb in blueberry pie for C88
Dress: katat0nik Diner Dress in blackblue for C88
Shoes: Ingenue Lillian heels in ruby
Ring: CIRCA Nostalgia rose ring in fire diamond
Nails: Bliensen + MaiTai mermaid nails
Nosering: Ellabella Rondure in gold and garnet
Eyes: TSM catscratch eyes in code red
Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ (cherry) birdie tattoo
Skin: Plastik Asaia skin in Parnalie color with darker lips