Saturday, April 5, 2014

My husband said my bra is showing


Spring came and I turned mint, I really can’t explain it. Maybe after all this time I got tired of orange? Anyway, I went to We (HEART SYMBOL THAT BREAKS HTML) RP, and totally got stuff. I got this Aisling chestpiece that I really love, and some hair that I really didn’t love (and therefore didn’t wear, in fact, I’m probably gonna toss it). I’m wearing this awesome Wasabi Pills hair from FaMESHed again, instead. I’m wearing it with a system layer jacket and an awesome prim skirt from ~silentsparrow~, made a while ago but still mintylicious.

Glasses: Vintage Crie Style Sprung
Ring: MG Sleeping Beauty Heart in silver
Armlet: Half Deer spring blossom armlets for FLF
Hair: Wasabi Pills Michelle mesh hair in nature pack for FaMESHed
Lace thingie: Aisling Chestlace for We Love RP
Horns: Lassitude & Ennui Spring Horns in minty for We Love RP
Skin: Plastik Astrali skin in Io
Makeup: Schadenfreude mint eiraku eyes
Jacket: ~silentsparrow~ minty caged bird jacket
Skirt: ~silentsparrow~ mint Minsky tutu
Shoes: Schadenfreude Dreamlander Heel for Slink feet

Friday, April 4, 2014

It all matches in my head


This is a pretty simple outfit for me, right? No elf ears, horns, tattoos, or piercings. I didn't even have time this morning to write up proper outfit credits, but I stuck on these NYU FLF boots with the NYU FaMESHed skirt and shirt today because they totally suited each other. My jewelry is Pixicat's offering for FLF, and the hair is Wasabi Pills for FaMESHed. I love Friday morningss because I wake up, stumble to my computer with tea, and get a lot of good shopping done.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's easy being green


This morning while shopping at FaMESHed, I ran into an old friend. "You're looking very green today," she said (the identity of this friend is SEKRIT because she was on an alt, and I'm not sure if her alt is "out" yet). Sadly, I could only see her as a bald avatar with a nice empty torso, so I couldn't see her own cool outfit. BUT YES, I am feeling full of Chlorophyl today, just in time for Spring in my new FaMESHed top and pants from Rebel Hope. (Which reminds me that I mentioned my chloro-phillia to another friend, and he said, "So are you avoiding vegetarians today?" "And omnivores," I admitted.)

Shirt and capris: Rebel Hope Kassy Mesh Kapris and Pam mesh corset in green
Horns: Lassitude & Ennui spring horns in minty
Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui spring necklace
Hair: Clawtooth Fancy Free in Emerald City Glitter
Skin: Plastik Astrali Skin // Io shade with darker lips and moss eyeshadow
Camera: Pixicat Vintage Camera in Aztec
Tattoos: ~silentsparrow~ Cygnus constellation tattoos
Bracelet: GFD Radioactive bracelet
Hands: Slink Elegant

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

ESCAPE outfit and jewelry

Outfit from ESCAPE

My outfit today is by ImmateriA from the ESCAPE event. The event encourages "dark roleplay." I'm not sure what dark roleplay is, because I'm a blogging shut-in that never leaves my skybox. Isn't all of SL one big dark roleplay? Anyway, I really love this outfit, and my climbing vine of an ear cuff by Souzou Eien too. I'll RP darkly and quietly all by myself!

More about the event:

"The Eldergoth Macabre and Pandemonium presents ESCAPE, a new event geared towards all styles of roleplay designed to escape the standard conventions of the modern world!" It runs from April 1 - 9, and you can find it here.

Eyes: Adoness Mermaid Havila eyes in violet
Horns: Lassitude & Ennui spring horns in dark
Hair: Clawtooth Betty Spaghetti in black beauty
Skin: MIA14 Ember skin in Exotic
Lips: BUZZ satin lips in buted bronze
Earrings: Souzou Eien Thorned Embrace set
Outfit: ImmateriA Kali outfit for Escape
Hands/feet: Slink Elegant/High
Shoes: Slink Hera wrap heel in gold
Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ Song of Anubis in Antique/faded

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A car and a bar

Innsmouth (4)

Another photo from Innsmouth. Happy April 1st, I hope you aren't taken in by ANYTHING today!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Escape! is on the way


A new event is coming from the Eldergoth Macabre called Escape! I'm not sure what it entails yet (the website hasn't yet been updated), but my in-box has been filling with the prettiest creepy things, including this mask and a lovely necklace with a blood-red stone. I think I'll stand around feeling menacing, today, and let Monday wash over me like a storm over a stone.

Necklace: Souzou Eien Thorned Embrace in silver
Mask: Laudanum Lollipops Escape - The Harlequin in check red-cracks
Tattoo: Wicked Retrieve in light
Hair: Exile Shine in wildcards
Horns: Half-Deer Aventine Horns in wicked
Skin: Mia14 Ember skin in white

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Journey to Innsmouth

Innsmouth (1)

Lately my family has been listening to a radio show called H.P. Podcraft, a literary podcast about Lovecraft and his works. Of course we’ve been listening to Welcome to Night Vale too, and between the two shows I’ve been absolutely steeped in that special brand of macabre that can only be from H.P. This might’ve influenced my choice of places to photograph this morning. I stepped into the (in)famous sim of Innsmouth, and was immediately impressed by how the creators caught the spirit and mood of H.P.'s works.

Is it a quaint New England town with prim old buildings that have only just fallen to the tide of industrialization, on the downswing into the Great Depression? Yes, yes it is. Is it full of strange and macabre decay, as if a wave of plague and government agencies had systematically whipped all the life out of the deformed, interbred citizens? Ayup.

After receiving the informative notecard, I adjusted by windlight to the recommended [EUPHORIA] fin de siecle, and stepped gingerly out to look around.

It’s a good thing I didn’t run into any of the locals. Staring far out at sea, I saw the edge of the Devil’s Reef, and wondered if many ships had run aground there. No sign of members of the Esoteric Order of Dagon, but I did see a strange, glowing green figure, almost like a goblin, staring alone into the waters of the bay… Will I return to this town? Undoubtedly. The mystery that lies beneath the veneer of genteel decay intrigues me still.

Innsmouth (3)

Innsmouth (2)