Saturday, March 8, 2014

Out shopping

Out shoppin' (1)

This day was intense and kind of crappy, so I will simply leave a poem right here:

A tanka by Sadakichi Hartmann

Winter? Spring? Who knows?
White buds from the plumtrees wing
And mingle with the snows.
No blue skies these flowers bring,
Yet their fragrance augurs Spring.

(More here)

Today my avatar went shopping at Slink West, and found a lot of cute Slink add-ons at a discount! I'm standing around in my new poses from Pretense, and thought they were deadly cute. The hair and shoes are new for the reset round of C88.

Out shoppin' (2)

One tattoo: REBELL Little Stars
Shoes: Schadenfreude Helter heels for C88
Bag: Miel courier bag for FLF
Tie: ISON bull bolo tie (gold)
Hair: Clawtooth Betty Spaghetti in distinguished for C88
Pants: Trinite Kira in white
Skin: MIA14 Ember skin in light grey with black lipstick
Shirt: tres Blah long sleeve collared blouse in white
Feet and hands: Slink mid / elegant
Earring thingie: Slink elfin ear cuff
Other tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ Fanny panther tattoo in ash
Headband: G*Field mesh cat ear headband
Ring: Michelle platinum multijewel ring
Eyeliner: Mock funsies eyeliner in smokey
Poses: Pretense

Yay, BlankLine in FLF!

FLF pants from BlankLine

I was so happy to see that there was men’s stuff for FLF yesterday that I raced right to BlankLine, bought pants, and put them on immediately. I hope this trend grows in the future! MOAR MEN’S STUFF IN FLF, PLEASE! And have you visited Slink West, yet?

Pants: BlankLine PocketPants in red for FLF
Jacket: BlankLine 007 sportsjacket in black
Tattoo: Ner .Ink My Goddess
Shoes: Sleepy Eddy semi brogue shoes in white for ARCADE
Skin: Clef de Peau Abel 2 rare for ARCADE
Hands: Slink Relax, with Flair men’s dirty nails
Ring: ieQED Realize
Hair: Exile Far Behind in light blond
Face tat: Miss Shippe’s Studio Into It Inuit
Tshirt: NoaR sweat in grey
Glasses: Vintage Rawdolls retro aviators
Horns: Half Deer Aventine Horns in Wicked for ARCADE

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Transparent about review copies


So, the kind people at LVLE decided to put their shoes into my hands (feet?) to blog. Thank you! I am wearing their Naenia slipons right now, cute mesh slink-fitted penny loafers that also come in kid sizes. The other things that are from creator friends of mine are my hair, a neat retro look by Calico Ingmann, my skin from MIA14, and my armwarmers from ~silentsparrow~. Why am I discussing who I blog for? Another old friend of mine brought it up in her blog recently — read the talented Chic Aeon’s blog here.

Chic says, “[Back in the day] a few lucky folks like Acha had review copies coming in but it was not like it is now. Bloggers pretty much had to do their own legwork. Hunts, fashion groups, walking the streets (in a fashion sense you understand) was part of the game -- and indeed the purpose.”

I scratched my head when I read this. Did I have review copies back in 2008, 2009? I think I did, but it was all from the same friends that I blog now. Nowadays, I mostly encounter new stuff through the events that I sign up for, and those are all quite fun! But in general, I believe in what Chic said — the best way to blog is to find stuff you love, buy it, and write about it. For example, I usually don’t let hyasynth give me review copies. She supports herself with her work, so I buy it fair and square!

This dress, by the way, I bought because of Evangelical’s blog. It’s a new-to-me shop, and I wanted something retro-feeling to match the hair. Thanks, Evangelical!

Socks: Schadenfreude bleu cirque socks (with appliers)
Armwarmers: ~silentsparrow~ raven snugglewarmer for ARCADE
Lipstick: VCO Plum tint baby pink_teeth for ARCADE
Shoes: LVLE Naenia slipons in moss/green
Dress: Pixicat Prudence dress in torquoise
Horns: Half Deer Aventine horns in LeyeLAC for ARCADE
Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ Canus Major constellation tattoo for C88
Earrings: Ellabella Materia dangles in green
Hands/Feet: Slink prosper/flat
Skin: MIA14 Ember skin in white

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dose Bolos

Deer bolo!

Good morning! I’m still working my way through Arcade stuff. Today, another one of the awesome Clef de Peau fantasy skins (god I love this shade of skin!) and two of the ISON bolo ties. These fit perfectly with the Schadenfreude Oxford shirts, by the way! (Dearest Allegory, I know you were just sighing over your hefty schedule, but you’re totally going to make these shirts in mesh, rite? Don’t kill me.) My shoes are from Arcade too, but this is a shitteh photo of them. I’ll take a better photo next time.

ISON bolo ties

Skin: Clef de Peau Abel 8 RARE for ARCADE
Shoes: Sleepy Eddy Semi Brogue shoes in espresso for ARCADE
Tie: ISON - bolo tie in rare eagle and silver deer for ARCADE
Sweater: Pink Acid Men’s opens weater in grey
Glasses: DECO Mesh atomic sunglasses
Hair: Atro Patena Josef in black
Pants: Drop casual pants in Ivory
Hands: Slink Male Relax
Shirt: Schadenfreude Oxford shirts in white and cobalt
Hair base: booN vine hair base

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My chest is admittedly chilly

More Arcade loot!

I’ve been up since four with allergies, so the extent of my writing is gonna be, “I gots purty stuff.” That having been said, I really like my ~silentsparrow~ armwarmers for Arcade, hyasynth’s first forray into the realm of mesh. I LOVE IT HYA. MAKE MESH CLOTHES PLS! These come in Men/Women/Kid sizes, and I chuckled to find that the kid size fits my girl avatar better. The men’s size fits my boy avatar so perfectly that he decided against a shirt. “I’m plenty warm,” he said. “My arms are downright toasty!”

I am slowly populating my house with gacha items. I was tickled to aquire some of the Zaara furniture (do you guys remember when she worked out of a little store on the Tesla sim? I was thinking about that the other day!). And now my brain has stopped, so have lovely Tuesdays.

Arcade furnitures!

Pants: Apple May Designs Indecisive pants in black shine
Tattoo: Ner .Ink death before dishonor
Warmers: ~silentsparrow~ snugglewarmers in Mort for Arcade
Hair: Truth hair Maiko in blonde 3/red for Arcade
Skin: Clef de Peau Abel 16 for Arcade
Furniture: Zaara for Arcade
Hands/feet: Slink
Nails: Flair

Monday, March 3, 2014

Slink West Sim Preview

Slink West (2)

Slink West is a sim created by Siddean Munroe to support shops that sell Slink add ons. I knew about it initially through her plurk, and then because my sweet partner Jackal immediately hopped over to claim a shop. I stalked Jackal over to the sim, and Siddean was kind enough to let me take a few preview photos. I was impressed by the South-of-France/Provence feel of the build, including the little rustic village and the accompanying natural area that was landscaped (I hear) by Whimsy Winx. Very nice job, everyone! I hope it's a huge success. The sim opens on March 7th.

Slink West (4)

Slink West (3)

Slink West (6)

Photographer in the build

Sunday, March 2, 2014

First peek at Slink West

Slink West

The other morning I saw a post on Siddean’s plurk that said, “I’m going to be opening up a shopping district for people who make Slink add-ons.” I instantly thought of my partner Jackal, of course, and was chuffed when I logged on today and found her hanging around in Nouveau. That wasn’t for long, though. “I’m off to set up my shop!” she said gleefully, and poofed off to the brand new Slink West. She was way ahead of me. (Slink West officially opens on March 7th!)

Siddean let me into the sim to photo, and I’ll be posting more of my sim photos today. But as a little preview, here I am standing around in my “photographer” guise, snapping photos of the sim. (Yes, if you see me standing around a sim totally zoned out, it’s probably because I’m panned out to Jupiter.)

Anyway. I’m in a few things from Arcade: this skin, these horns, that hair. Love it.

Tattoo: Ner. Ink tattoo My Goddess
Hair: Exile Rain (L) 10. Wildcards for Arcade
Skin: Clef de Peau Abel:11 for Arcade
Horns: Half-Deer Aventine Horns: Fantasy for Arcade
Pants: DROP Casual Pants in Ivory
Face tat: White Widow october gift
Hands and feet: Slink
Sim: Slink West, open on March 7th