Saturday, January 25, 2014

The back seat is littered with violin strings

More clothes from Ms. Toast (1)

How did you spend your precious winter Saturday? I ran all over town doing soccer mom stuff: fixing my kid's violin (the strings really don't like the 50 degree temperature changes lately), finding my kid a new dance school, and fixing my car battery. Glamorous! IRL I have on a jeans and t-shirt and my hair is half straight and half curly. In SL, I am combatting this soccer mom look by wearing more lovely new dresses from fashionably Dead. Neat, huh? Sweater dresses fit for a night out on town.

More clothes from Ms. Toast (2)

Shoes: Slink Ilse heels in black and red
Hands: Slink elegant
Feet: Slink high
Bracers: The Forge viking bracers in steel and copper
Nosering: Ellabella Rondure in platinum and garnet
Ears: Illusions elf fairy ears
Skin: Belleza Ria Pale 3 for C88
Hair D!va Astralia in Cat's Eye for C88 & that other D!va hair
Dress: fashionably Dead loose sleeve dress in metallic black and mauve
Necklace: fashionably Dead liquid metal collar in earth and gold
Purse: fashionably Dead jewel clutch in white leather
Lashes: MC Falsies
Eyes: Amerie's Naughty Lunar eyes in gold
Horns: Illusions Cerwn horns

Friday, January 24, 2014

Meeting in the desert

fD power suit!

Do you listen to Welcome to Night Vale? We've been fans for the past half year, perhaps. My family listens to the show on our way to school and work, and it gives a surreal and macabre cast to the normal events of the world. I quite like the way ordinary things like PTA meetings are made interesting by the addition of glowing clouds and shadow governments. Makes me kinda wish our own PTA was like that.

Toast Bard recently came out with a really cool set of new releases for fashionably Dead. We discussed the releases last night, and I mentioned how nice it was that it felt like a coherent collection, right down to the different outfit components (detachable peplum!) and the way each piece blends with the others. I'm working my way through them, but so far I 80s-love this power suit. Shoulder pads, so pointy, so under-rated!

Hair: lamb lovage in ink
Purse: fasionably Dead jewel clutch in blue
Necklace: fashionably Dead liquid metal collar in earth
Suit: fashionably Dead power suit in white
Earrings: hate me and eat me filippa earrings in gold/violet
Eyes: Rui lotus eater eyes in lilac
Skin: Miasnow Candy clown skin with doll lashes, black lips and teeth
Shoes: Ingenue Maryse heels in black for slink feet
Hands: Slink prosper

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Brocade bottoms

ImmateriA Stregoni (2)

If I were Cajsa or Gidge I'd find something awesome to say right about now, about the deep blogger culture of Second Life, or perhaps the wider world of fashion that surrounds us. Instead, I'll just share that we've had the flu in our RL house all week, and I can barely think. I love and hate how fresh and healthy my avatar looks right here, in her voluptuous outfit. I think this dress gives her a very Jennifer Lawrence figure too (love her or hate her, she's got a lovely form). Happy health to you all, and get your flu shots!

ImmateriA Stregoni (1)

Skin: MIASNOW Candy clown with black lips and doll lashes
Tattoo: Plastik Haila tattoo
Eyes: Rue lotus eaters in lilac
Hair: D!va Locuala in onyx for C88
Necklace: Hate me and eat me nemesi necklace
Crown: Lassitude & Ennui dreamer tiara in silver/rose
Gown and cigarette: ImmateriA Stregoni gown in crimson
Hands: Slink prosper

Monday, January 20, 2014

Quick post cause of the flu

Pretty suit from ImmateriA

I took a photo of this pretty suit from a certain angle and it looked like my boy avvie was getting REALLY excited about his reading material. What can I say? He really loves reading wizard spells… I think it was just my light setting, because this angle seems *cough* just fine. I love how much plaid this outfit has going on, perfect for a day of reading around the skybox.

Outfit: ImmateriA Vicious Chic in orange plaid
Poses: oOo Perspective from Men's Dept
Piercings: Pekka Esoteric
Book: okkbye Wizard Book from the pose set
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Arcanist shoes in black
Ears: Illusions Sprite ears with wrapped cords
Hands: Slink relax
Ring: ieQED realize ring
Skin: Clef de Peau Joshua in blond
Hair: Wasabi Pills Aida mesh hair in black
Curtains: [CIRCA] - "Constantine" Gothic Curtains - Ruby Brocade (copy)