Thursday, January 16, 2014

Old friends

Violet, Kat and I

Last night I got to see Violet Voltaire and Katat0nik for a little while. They were hermiting around just like me, so I tugged them over for a reminiscing session. We talked about high prim counts and ancient builds and how we all met. I think I picked up Violet at Curious Kitties, and I met Kat at the release of her very first dress. (I still own that dress! I should dig it out of my wardrobe sometime.)

I have not one but two outfits for you today because I totally changed my mind. Both credits are below.

Shoes: Lapointe & Bastchild traditional lace up dress shoes
OUtfit: ImmateriA Lord Ruthven jacket and pants
Glasses: DECOmpose mesh atomic sunglasses in silver
Hair: Taketomi Masato in blonde01

My and my birdhouse

Pierce: Ellabella rondure in copper-garnet
Boots: JD Trenton Boots in blue for Men's Dept.
Sweater: Etham - Max Sweater in blue for Men's Dept.
Skin: Clef de Peau: Joshua in blond for Men's Dept.
Glasses: SORGO Teflon shades in gold
Bag: fashionably Dead girly satchel in taupe for C88
Scarf: fashionably Dead Fuzzy Wrap in light brown for C88
Hands: Slink relax
Ears: Aitui mesh stretched ears - 1"plug
Hair: INK hair - Hiyar in baige
Pants: Chronokit cropped sarrouel pants in striped brown
Birdhouse: ~silentsparrow~ Birdhouse in Your Soul - Leafy/Drift/Bird/Pole
Birdie: (Bloo) Corbie Plush Crow - Happy! w/Caw ~silentsparrow~

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

You rock: my butt totally says so

Men's Department stuff (1)

I've been taking in so much Korean and Japanese media of late! I've been on a jag of reading every single Shoujo manga ever, and at night, watching K-doramas until my eyes pop out. I've been through Goong, Hana Yori Dango, and Coffee Prince… and so many countless manga that I don't even remember. I'm not sure what the final point to all of this will be. Will I become so full of media that I explode? Maybe I'll start roleplaying a crazy bishounen at a Japanese sim.

Ah, so, I saw Berry's practical joke meme, and the first thing that popped into my head was the completely un-funny issue of identity theft. It's amazing that I can count as many as three well-known Second Life men who claim to be men IRL but are actually women, and who have taken in so many people that it's almost horrifying to see them mentioned so often and so publicly. Own up to your lives! We'll like you no matter what your RL gender, it's the lies that undermine trust!

Men's Department stuff (2)

Circlet: Lassitude & Ennui leaf circlet in wide copper
Shoes: !G! RBK ex-hi-top gray clean
Watch: Just you Jewels navy rope watch - men
Hair: Exile broken strings in fawn
Face tat: White Widow october gift
Hands: Slink relax
Pants: BlankLine tweed pants in deep blue for Men's Dept
Skin: Clef de Peau Joshua in blond for Men's Dept
Waist shirt: flow sweatshirt T - 7 for Men's Dept
Ears: Illusions Sprite ears with wrapped cords
Tattoo: Plastik Haila tattoo

Monday, January 13, 2014


Stuff in my house (1)

This post is heavy on photos and credits, so I'll keep my words spare. I went and bought all kinds of decor from C88 to fill my new house from Ionic (at Men's Dept). My boy avatar threw on some dust-colored clothing so that he wouldn't get dirty, and moved furniture for me. It's still a work in progress, but it was fun to extract myself from Christmas and try out something new. Here is my Gidge-esque tour of my house. (Jackal! I saved the loft for you!)

Stuff in my house (2)

Stuff in my house (3)

Stuff in my house (4)

Stuff in my house (5)

Stuff in my house (6)


Shoes: Blvck Anchor brown suede shoes
Hands: Slink male relax
Hair: Lamb pocket knife in honeycomb ombre for C88
Sunglasses (at night): SORGO Teflon shades in gold for Men's Dept
Pants: Blankline Tweed pants in wine red for Men's Dept
Skin: Clef de peau Joshua in blonde for Men's Dept
Jacket: Howl winter poetry knit vest shirt in cream for Men's Dept
Ears: Illusions sprite ears with wrapped cords
Tattoo: Plastik Haila tattoo

Decor I bought from this round of C88:

.:Standby Inc. - Akira Desk for C88
*MishMish* Nostalgia Jewelry Boxes for C88
PILOT - Heirloom Hutch [Red] for C88
Lark - Crawford Mirror, Wall Hook & Slip, Dressing Table & stool for C88

Other decor:

House: Ionic Move in with me house for Men's Department
Schadenfreude vouboo: Christmas & Dia de los Muertos
POST/Ystad Fireplace
+Half-Deer+ Flowerhead Goldfish - Blackmoor - Rez
(Ash) Batling Spooky Friend ~silentsparrow~ (display!)
(Orange Newt) ~silentsparrow~ Mason Jar
(Summer) Luck Dragon Mesh Plush Display (Cuter) ~silentsparrow
(Sherbert) Sitting Bunneh! Mesh Plush Rabbit ~silentsparrow~
*katat0nik* Milk Dolls (various)
(Sky)(plain) Dinny the Dino - Saaad ~silentsparrow~
*(GumDrop) Sitting Bunneh! Mesh Plush Rabbit ~silentsparrow~
(Coal) Corbie Plush Crow - Happy! w/Caw ~silentsparrow~
(Rudy) Sitting Deer-ee - Mesh Plush Deer ~silentsparrow~
LISP - Mesh - Winter Sofa - Cream Red
[CIRCA] - "Summer Reflection" Coffee Table - Streaked Redwood
[CIRCA] - "Constantine" Gothic Area Rug - 10 Fabrics on touch
[CIRCA] - "Constantine" Gothic Curtains - 10 Fabrics on touch
* nonino * Pinup-Board (Brown)
::plod::Shelf_CSR2008W (sadly vintage, I miss you, plod!)
Second Spaces - Clean Sweep - the whole set as one object
.:Standby Inc. - Sawyer Shelf (linked)
October Rust - Rug - Dark Red (vintage :( )