Saturday, January 11, 2014

Accessorizing leather

Kat's pretty mask

I really dig the masks that Katat0nik made for Collabor88 this year. I'm thinking ahead to Mardi Gras, when I'll put together an outfit in earnest with the purple one! I thought it went really well with some of my new Men's Department finds, including this jacket from Razor. To be honest, I fell in love with the corseted lacing at the back of the jacket (photo below), and of course the Wolverine-esque spikes. So what are you guys doing this fine Saturday? I'm still recovering a bit, and bracing for a surreal time at a little kid's birthday party later today...

And Men's Department stuff

Mask: Katat0nik (love) Missing You Mask for C88
Hair: Taketomi Masato in blonde 03 for Men's Dept
Skin: Clef de Peau Joshua T3 Blonde brows for Men's Dept
Jacket: Razor Badlands Jacket in black/grey for Men's Dept
Ears: Illusions sprite ears with wrapped cords
Nosering: Ellabella rondure in copper & garnet
Undershirt: /artilleri/ Max tank top
Pants: Grasp damaged skinny jeans in black
Boots: Grasp fur trim leather boots in silver
Hands: Slink male relax/grip

Friday, January 10, 2014

When you can't get into C88...

Hey there... (1)

You get lots of me today. I just finished my medical procedure. It was OK, more or less, but coming down from the anesthesia I had this huge rush of "must do something creative or else," so I logged into Second Life. First thing I did was attempt to go to C88. Yeah, no. So then I went and spent all my C88 money at the Men's Department, very joyously! In the process of buying men's clothing I got a review pack of neat stuff from Plastik, these awesome jeans. I couldn't handle the cuteness of the Kawaii color of the Belle Jeans, so I made the cutest avatar look that I could. Little Fuchsia Ridinghood, and her wolfie girlfriend. (If I'm not making any sense, apologies, still coming down.) Anyway. Plastik. Good stuff.

Hey there... (2)

Little Pink Ridinghood:
Eyes: Ugly Duck - pink plasma eyes
Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ belladonna:lepidoptera tattoo in fairy color
Jeans: Plastik Belle Jeans in Kawaii color
Sandals: Tulip gladiator sandals in burgundy for FLF
Skin: Glam Affair Elvi in Fairy 06
Bracers: The Forge viking bracers in bronze
Feet: Slink bare mesh flat feet
Hands: Slink Gesture
Hood: Bonne Chance i do cloak hood in hot pink
Hair: Tulip Lydia in reds 8
Makeup: Miss Shippe's Studio pink undereye sequins
Bra: Luxuria cherie bra in azlea pink
Corset: Luxuria Rosa underbust corset in cherry blossom
Basket: Vintage Kurotsubaki

Makeup: Miss Shippe's Studio Acha's fox face
Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ belladonna:lepidoptera tattoo in fire color
Jeans: Plastik Belle Jeans in flame color
Bracers: The Forge viking bracers in copper
Feet: Slink bare mesh flat feet
Hands: Slink Gesture
Sandals: Tulip gladiator sandals in burgundy for FLF
Hoodie: DP**yumyum wokf hoodie (I wear this all the time)
Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum catscratch eyes in code red
Skin: Glam Affair Elvi in Fairy 06
Corset: Schadenfreude Something Wicked corset

Blogging from the past


I went to Lansing City tonight, because I wanted an urban landscape for photography. When I got there, people began to talk to me immediately. What the hell, I pondered. Nobody does that. Someone mentioned quite pleasantly that it was a nice city, and someone else PP'd me to say that s/he liked my avatar. I thanked him/her, explained that I was just a tourist, and quickly fled (yay social anxiety). But still, it was so interesting to have avatar interaction that I almost checked out the roleplay elements of the sim.

Instead, I stood around and photographed like usual. I'm wearing outfits from Hate me and eat me tonight, and a few neat Collabor88 items. Do you know the sordid history of how I came to know Riri from HMAEM? It's a twisted tale, but now we're good pals. (Ask me some time if you ever get curious...)

I'm scheduling this post in advance because I have an endoscopy today to see how my intestinal cancer is doing. Honestly, I hope the answer is, "totally gone." We'll see, right? Wish me luck.

Lansing City (3)

Lansing City (1)


Dress: Hate me and eat me Alida dress in black/white
Stole: Hate me and eat me Alida fur stole white mink/black mink
Hat: Hate me and eat me Alida cap in white/black
Hair: Clawtooth Pink Flamingos in screaming yellow/red-eye flight for C88
Bag: fashionably Dead Girly Satchel in taupe/red for C88
Shoes: fashionably Dead bunched heels in gold/red for C88
Hands: Slink Gesture
Skin: Glam Affair Elvi Fairy 03/06
Jewelry: Schadenfreude Dangle Lumi earrings, neckace, and rings
Poses: Imeka for Kustom9

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sandals and a sweater-dress

fD at C88 (1)

Last night we changed our PC monitor to our old television, and I realized that the color was not calibrating correctly at all. This dress should be a lot more yellow, for example! I pulled up this Seraphim vendor photo of the dress and calibrated my monitor's color settings like mad, to no avail (for example, my hair should be brown AND NOT PINK). I'm going to have to switch back to the old monitor. *sigh!*

Despite that, look at the massive cuteness from fashionably Dead. I'm from Florida and CLEARLY the best thing to wear in cold weather is a hat, a sweater dress, and some high effing pump sandals. Right? (See more C88 items here.)

fD at C88 (2)

Purse: fashionably Dead Girly Satchel in taupe
Stole: fashionably Dead fuzzy wrap in light brown
Necklace: fashionably Dead fox necklace
Sweaterdress: fashionably Dead Sweater Dress in mustard for C88
Jewelry: Schadenfreude Lumi anklets and ring for C88
Skin: Glam Affair Elvi Fairy 02
Feet: Slink AvEnhance feet female high
Shoes: Slink Hera Wrap Heel in Gold
Hat: Candy Crunchers Fox Hat in brown/white
Hair: Lamb Little Queenie in blur roots
Tattoo: Vintage Canimal (I miss you Canimal)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Year of the Horse

Pony hair (1)

Yesterday's Curious Kitties Fukubukuro had a bonus pack -- "Year of the Horse" items. I wasn't quite sure what this would consist of, so I was chuffed when I opened the bag and found long, long pony hair, a tail, and ears. Very cute (and pervy? hm), for all of your Year of the Horse needs. I'm wearing it with a new top from Kustom9. Yep, still addicted!

Pony hair (2)

Hair, horse ears, tail: Curious Kitties year of the horse pack (extra in the Fukubukuro)
Jumper: IMBUE collared knit in mandarin for Kustom9
Piercing: Ellabella Rondure in platinum & garnet
Skin: Glam Affair Elvi Fairy 03
Hands: Slink prosper
Feet: Slink medium
Heels: Schadenfreude dreamlander heels with leopard pack
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer Angelica's Ankh of Power set
Tattoo: Plastik Haila tattoo
Jeans: Plastik Cestus slacks in sparkle
Ears: Illusions elf ears
Clutch: Bliensen & Maitai Friedel vintage clutch

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I like the word Fukubukuro

Curious Kitties avatar (1)

Every year since I started SL, I've gone to the Curious Kitties year-end lucky bag sale and bought a lucky bag. This one was 1000L, and contained lots of neat stuff for men/unisex avvies: Skin, hair, eyes, neat elf ears, pair o' pants, pair o' shorts, and boots (not shown). I love the gentle makeup on this unisex skin, it was a nice surprise when I unboxed it all to see how pretty this elfboy is. The two mesh bottoms are in the photo below. You can read more about the Curious Kitties lucky bag (fukubukuro) sale at the blog.

Curious Kitties avatar (2)

Avatar: Curious Kitties Etzlos elf skin, ears, hair, and eyes from the New Year's fukubukuro
Piercing: Ellabella Rondure in silver and garnet
Necklace: Kosh Nico Necklace
Ring: ieQED realize ring
Tank: Aoharu tank_white/skull
Tattoo: Ner .Ink hard to kill
Shoes: Gabrielle wing tip high cut camo
Jacket: Grasp leather biker jacket 2012 in python
Socks: Vintage men's sock with garter
Pants: Curious Kitties Vanilla Buckle Pants in blue from the New Year's fukubukuro
Shorts: Curious Kitties Dragon Buckle Shorts in black from the New Year's fukubukuro

Monday, January 6, 2014

In an empty room

Shadowless (2)

Behind-the-scenes in blogging. I got a review pack from Aphorism today, this lovely crew-neck sweater. I opened the package and realized that the alpha for it didn't come through, but when I put it on it worked with minor shape adjustments. Part of my elbow was broken, so I retouched it in Pixlr. I used up my morning hours getting my kid ready for school, so I didn't have time to properly adjust this hair to the hat. If I turn around, you'll see half a hat with a whole lot of hair sticking out of it. I'll work with it more tonight, probably, but for the sake of this photo there's a reason you're only seeing the front view!

I also didn't have time to fire up the PC, so all these photos are completely shadowless due to the fail of my Mac's ability to photo with shadows. (I crash, hard and often.) Not only that, I didn't write down any outfit credits, and had to scrounge around the feeds to properly name things. I totally made up the name for my pants, for example.

Anyway. I guess we all have those Mondays. Love to you guys!


Sweater: Aphorism crew-neck sweater for women
Piercing: Ellabella Rondure in copper and garnet (group gift)
Jeans: Plastik skinny jeans in leopard, cuffed
Skin: Glam Affair Elvi fairy 03
Necklace: MG London Time for C88
Hat: Tentacio russian hat gacha (rare)
Shoes: Cashmere heart of glass platforms in blue for Kustom9
Hair: Lamb These Days in washed out

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Out and about


Last night hyasynth had a birthday party. I was there for exactly ten minutes before my computer melted so catastrophically that I couldn't get back on again until this morning. ~sigh~ Before I crashed, I took a few photos, and then had the melancholy experience of waking up in an empty day-after venue. I could almost imagine the smell of old booze and cigarettes. Man.

My favorite part of Second Life is seeing other people's avatars, and I especially enjoyed the cute puppy that I photoed, below! It was fluffy and covered in plushes! It was also nice to catch a glimpse of beautiful friends. It's been too long.

Niv, hya, Amyla
Nivaya Barbosa, hyasynth, Amyla Wakowski

Grady Echegaray

Cute doggy with a pony on its back
Adorable puppy

I got to be social

Ears: Schadefreude mer-elf ears with ankh and plug
Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ (brass) Corbie Suite
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer clockwork steampunk heart in gold
Hair: Chemistry hair - buttons 2
Makeup: Glam Affair Kaelyn - America - Freckles 4
Nose ring: ellabella Rondure in copper & garnet
Skin: Glam Affair Elvi Fairy 06 B
Horns: Lassitude & Ennui Capricornus mesh horns in dark/copper
Choker: Lassitude & Ennui Ophelia bow & pearl choker
Hands: Slink casual
Shoes: Schadenfreude Casinelle pumps
Pose: Imeka Diane for Kustom9
Venue: The Rookery, Nouveau