Sunday, July 6, 2014

Raiders of the Lost Wardrobe


This summer is already a huge adventure for my real-life self, so it might as well be for my avatar. She’s got a gun! I don’t. She’s all ready to head out and, uh, threaten things with her belt-tucked realistic water pistol and imposing hat. The hair-with-hat is new from Clawtooth for Collabor88, the pants, gun, and t-shirt are new from Aphorism. I feel like Aphorism’s work gets better and better — I especially love how the shirt and pants work neatly around that piece. The wedges are because my avatar is tough enough to go hiking in heels. New cuteness from LVLE!

Remember: Snakes. It’s always gotta be snakes.

Shirt: Aphorism Loaded T-shirt in white
Pants: Aphorism Loaded Slims in vintage
Hair: Clawtooth Adventure Girl in softest black for July's C88
Shoes: LVLE Debbi Wedge in Black
Face tat: White Widow October Gift
Nosering: Ellabella Rondure in silver & garnet
Arm things: Greymoon corsetted leather armwarmers
Lipstick: Pink Fuel INK lipgloss (teeth)
Skin: MIA14 Ember skin in litegrey with black grows
Eyes: Mayfly luminous mesh eyes in midnight
Collar: Plastik Recluse collar in bare/leather

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