Sunday, July 27, 2014

Of animals and bandanas

Wombat Photobomb

I might've gone a little nuts at the Where the Wild Things Are summer gacha event. Can you blame me? Look at all those cute animals, especially the one up there totally photobombing me. It is also bandana day, and I dug this pretty one from Anya Ohmai out of my inventory in honor of it. Shout out to my cancer-suffering brothers and sisters: stay strong and fight!

Wild Things

MOoH! Unicorn with butterflies Silver for WTWTR
Sway's [Wild Things] Lamp . snake candy for WTWTR
Schadenfreude Chestnut Wombat for WTWTR
~silentsparrow~ Alle - Roo Rat - Hold & Follow Friend for WTWTR
~silentsparrow~ Orangey - Roo Rat - Hold & Follow Friend for WTWTR
Schadenfreude Flightless Wom-Bat RARE for WTWTR
Zigana . rocking dog . vintage for WTWTR
Other: Schadenfreude Orange Distressed Bethlem Apothecary Cabinet

BananaN Gacha Medallion - tail for WTWTR
Anachron Wild Thing Gacha Phone for WTWTR
Shoes: Ingenue pandora flats in violet
Skin: MIA14 Ember skin in superpale
Pants: Ingenue Inga leggings in chestnut
Liptsick: La Petite Morte marie antoinette liptick in gold for GENRE
Mole: La Petite Morte beauty mark 5b for GENRE
Necklace one: Aisling The Bad Wife for Enchantment
Horns: Half Deer Aventine horns in Pastella Gothica
Shirt: fashionably Dead belted shirt in pink
Bandana: Ohmai Hair Fair 2013 bandana

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