Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hair like a saxon princess

Queen Bee

I am taken by how cool my hair is, today, enough that I took a rare from-behind photo. This braid is EPIC -- I feel like Queen Gwinevere in it, if perhaps she owned hairspray. The key symbolism is all over the place at the upcoming Enchantment, which is very suitable given the Bluebeard theme. I have a thing for key necklaces and want one IRL, so I was extremely happy to wear them ALL today. (Maybe I'll go hunting one on the internet now...)

Outfit: PunkD Grim Queen Bee dress for Horror Haute
Shoes: The Annex Marie Heel in gold
Headthing, necklace: Frogstar Bluebeard's bride chain head thing and Bluebeard's keys for Enchantment
Hair: Calico Helenia in blonds
Other necklace: DRD key necklace for Enchantment
Skin: MIA14 Candy Clown skin with black lips and teeth
Ears: Illusions Elf Ears
Freckles: MSS October Watercolors makeup

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