Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The stage on which the whole East is confined


Arabia, huh? Okay, here we go:

"[N]either the term Orient nor the concept of the West has any ontological stability; each is made up of human effort, partly affirmation, partly identification of the Other." -- Edward Said

So, here we are celebrating our imaginative peek other people's culture. I respect what the designers have done for this round of GENRE, taking the orientalist imaginings of "Arabia" from popular culture and doing a fine job of creatively interpreting them. This outfit in particular is interesting, taking inspiration from modern-day Indian fashion designers and interpreting the outfit with a posited mythic past. The henna is lovely too, as is the skin, with its light touch of modern makeup that looks in keeping with the outfit.

Do check out GENRE and help me think through these issues of cultural representation!

Skin: Lumae Odette skin 5/cramel/Arabian Nights with cleavage/freckles for GENRE
Hair: Exile London to LA in dark red
Henna: Jalwa Khaliji 5 henna tattoo with hand appliers for GENRE
Necklace: Luminary Ayn necklace in gold/red for GENRE
Outfit: FAIDA Yasmin in red for GENRE
Eyes: TSM catscratch eyes in code red
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Saltarello slippers in blood/silver for We Heart RP
Horns: Plastik Vynn horns in Ember
Circlet: Plastik Lys Circlet in Hazelnut

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