Wednesday, June 25, 2014



Paperwork makes the world go round, that's all I really have to say. I guess it makes sense -- since the discovery of writing, we've been using it like mad to make records. With the first word came the first bureaucrat, I'd imagine. "How many goats? Twenty-two goats." Someone posited that the first numbers were created so that women could keep track of their monthlies; nice thought, but seriously, I think numbers were invented when people started caring about how much STUFF they had.

This vaguely disgruntled post is brought to you by doing grown up things.

Today's ensemble is hardly grown up, and it's mostly because I love the playfulness that SL affords me. The outfit is by G*Field for the event -- if you haven't been yet, I highly recommend it! It reminds me of a less crowded Collabor88.

Outfit: G*Field high waist skirt "Doris" and top in navy and red for
Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai Gustav in red/blue for The Wash Cart
Makeup: Frick Nemesis Makeup in red
Tattoo: Vintage /artilleri/
Piercing: Ellabella Sweetly Bound
Eyes: By Snow midnight eyes in red
Lipstick: Pink Fuel Glossy Pout in dark red
Horns: Lassitude & Ennui Spring HOrns in antique
Skin: MIA14 Ember skin in white
Hair: Tableau Vivant Learner Hair in spring
Shoes: Ingenue Jolie Heels in Navy

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