Saturday, May 17, 2014

What does the moi say?

GENRE: furry round

GENRE reset, and it’s the Furry round! I’m obviously not used to being a furry at all, which is why I’m butt nekkid here, not even in hair. Still, this full-mesh avatar is cute enough that I think I can pull that off! It’s the Lil’ Fox avatar from Beastie Shack, and comes with a variety of options for eye shape and stuff. (God SL has come a long way since you had to attach each part of the furry as though you were putting on strange, bulky clothing!) The mask is by Chimeric Fashions, made especially to fit around a muzzle. Read more about this round of GENRE here!

Avatar: Beastie Shack Lil’ Fox for GENRE
Mask: Chimeric Fashions Furry Domino for GENRE

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