Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Let's do the time warp...

I thought it would be amusing to see what I was up to this week throughout the history of my blog (more or less, I had to cheat a little). It's kinda hilarious to look back. My photos and fashion have always been incredibly sketchy; why do people read me again?

In 2007, I lived in Caledon and wore big poofy dresses. Among my favorite designers were ~silentsparrow~ and Schadenfreude and Ingenue and Lassitude & Ennui, and *gasp* they still are. I guess we imprint early when we're reborn in SL...

In 2008, I began playing with furry avatars, probably because hyasynth wears such cute ones. Remember that awesome shop The Closet? Creamy Cooljoke introduced me to it. The headband was made by this one awesome furry who designed accessories especially for furry heads. Wonder where she is now?

In 2009, I had my CSR bunny year. Did you know that someone actually made an SL Secret panning these bunny avatars? I laughed so hard. And boy howdy do I miss the Creator's Stamp Rally. That was so much fun; I did it every year for not only myself but hyasynth and Jackal, because they didn't have time to run around and click the things. Ah, the old days.

Then came 2010, arguably my best year in blogging, only because I took so many pictures of other people -- notably my shirtless man series. Catero Revolution is above. I miss Catero.

In 2011 I took a hiatus from SL blogging. It lasted until I reopened my blog in 2013. The rest was good for me while I went though chemotherapy.

Which brings us to the reopening of my blog in 2013! I'm so glad to be back. I remembered why I blog, again: as random as I am, blogging is FUN. :D

Much love and thanks for traveling with me all these years,


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