Friday, April 25, 2014

Everything is awesome

Horror Haute time!

I am drinking saké on this Friday evening, bracing myself for a big house party tomorrow. That is my excuse for why the overlay I stuck on this picture accidentally makes the skin seem mottled, when it’s nice and clear. For a good picture of the skin, go see what it looks like on Seraphim, OK? Also, it’s Horror Haute time! I can always count on Horror Haute to douse me in an elegant coating of blood, and it did not disappoint!

Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum Catscratch Eyes in red
Monocle: Crie Style KnightMare
Shoes: Lovely Monsters Black Widow shoes for Horror Haute
Necklace: Chaos, Panic & Disorder bat country necklace for Horror Haute
Skin: VoiD Etain - Victim - Glazed skin for Horror Haute
Dress: Dark Passions - Valdis - Bloody mess/cross for Horror Haute
Earrings: Schadenfreude spiral horn earrings
Hair: Shag Boys Don’t Cry in midnight
Hand tattoos: Schadenfreude Koi hand tattoos
Leggings: Fishy Strawberry swan lake leggings
Tattoo: HUZ Vintage tattoo - D’jango in black

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