Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bright tights

So many colors

Last night I stayed up too late. I was seduced by this pretty outfit from Hate Me and Eat Me and had to stay up to play with it. It's actually a jacket over a skirt, and the patterns are so vibrant that I was reminded of the big floral prints that abound in real life fashion for Spring 2014. I also love color, so I had to drag out my brightest hair and tights and lipstick to go with it. (And d'oh, I forgot earrings. I think I've fallen out of the habit because I usually attach elf ears or horns or something!)

Eyes: Jalwa Wisp (dragonfire)
Shoes: Ingenue Lily Flats in Prussian
Jacket and skirt: Hate Me and Eat Me Afreak skirt and jacket 002
Hair: Clawtooth Chick Habit in Blonde Redhead
Skin: MIASNOW Candy clown skin in basic with deep blue lips and teeth
Socks: Flair Toeless stockings in Orange 2 with appliers
Tattoo: Sleepy Bozer Marissa Peirce tattoo
Nosering: Ellabella Rondure in silver & garnet

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