Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bright and blue


I went to We Heart Roleplay a bit ago and snagged this mesh tunic and pants from The Muses. I am a sucker for the autumnal color, and liked the weathered look of the outfit right away. Of course, then I had to wear totally impractical shoes, but they totally match my hair. Now I’m ready for a day of gingerly stepping around puddles of blood in the Drow dungeons! “If that gets on my shoes I’m going to be SO MAD.” Happy Sunday!

Outfit: The Muses Doronthel outfit in autumn
Shoes: Ingenue Fiona Wedges in water
Hair: Exile Pick Up Lines in wild fusion 2
Necklace: Random Matter Rhiannon necklace in brown/gold
Horns: Bad Juju Light my way horns in tiger’s eye — with circlet
Eyes: TSM Catscratch Eyes in Saffron
Lip ring: Ellabella Beauty’s Captivity
Skin: Plastik Astrali in Malaya with freckles

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