Saturday, March 8, 2014

Yay, BlankLine in FLF!

FLF pants from BlankLine

I was so happy to see that there was men’s stuff for FLF yesterday that I raced right to BlankLine, bought pants, and put them on immediately. I hope this trend grows in the future! MOAR MEN’S STUFF IN FLF, PLEASE! And have you visited Slink West, yet?

Pants: BlankLine PocketPants in red for FLF
Jacket: BlankLine 007 sportsjacket in black
Tattoo: Ner .Ink My Goddess
Shoes: Sleepy Eddy semi brogue shoes in white for ARCADE
Skin: Clef de Peau Abel 2 rare for ARCADE
Hands: Slink Relax, with Flair men’s dirty nails
Ring: ieQED Realize
Hair: Exile Far Behind in light blond
Face tat: Miss Shippe’s Studio Into It Inuit
Tshirt: NoaR sweat in grey
Glasses: Vintage Rawdolls retro aviators
Horns: Half Deer Aventine Horns in Wicked for ARCADE

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