Sunday, March 16, 2014


Mer Genre (2)

This round of GENRE opened on March 15th, and the theme is Mer Folk. (Info and a ride over here!) I’m going to be looking like this for days to come, I sense, there’s so much great stuff at the event! I put on this tail and fins from deviousMinds and flitted myself around my partner Jackal’s mer-environment at Nouveau. I really love my crown (with a pretty hud) from On a Lark. I heard from the creator that she really poured her soul into it, and I can tell. It’s definitely fit for any Naiad! My makeup (you can barely see my eyes through my wet hair, sorry) is from Senzafine, and has great cat eyes. I’ll be wearing this all week too, so you’ll get a chance to see it. So yeah, go see GENRE! This round is quite spectacular.

Mer Genre (1)


Triton: Lost Junction Oceanic Trident - Arista for GENRE
Starfish: Wimey Cover your Boobs pls in silver for GENRE
Makeup: Senzafine Sirene eye and lip makeup in Azure/Blue eyes and Peacock lips for GENRE
Crown: On A Lark Melody Crown with hud for GENRE
Mer bits: deviousMind Undine in electric blue, tail and fins for GENRE
Hair: Exile Rain in Wildcards
Skin: MIA14 Ember skin in white
Hands: Slink
Scales: Vintage HUZ

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