Monday, March 3, 2014

Slink West Sim Preview

Slink West (2)

Slink West is a sim created by Siddean Munroe to support shops that sell Slink add ons. I knew about it initially through her plurk, and then because my sweet partner Jackal immediately hopped over to claim a shop. I stalked Jackal over to the sim, and Siddean was kind enough to let me take a few preview photos. I was impressed by the South-of-France/Provence feel of the build, including the little rustic village and the accompanying natural area that was landscaped (I hear) by Whimsy Winx. Very nice job, everyone! I hope it's a huge success. The sim opens on March 7th.

Slink West (4)

Slink West (3)

Slink West (6)

Photographer in the build

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