Friday, March 21, 2014

Pretty purple vanity

New Plastik skin!

Today was the first day of Spring Break for my kid, and she spent most of the day outside in a tree. I felt so joyous that I made her play outside like it was 1979, that I baked her a batch of oatmeal cookies. SERIOUSLY, today felt so analogue that I forgot how to internet! Anyway, I remembered pretty quickly, especially because I unpacked this cute “under the sea” vanity set from CIRCA. There are little makeup thingies that you can attack to your hands, and they go with the chair’s 18 poses. I love the pretty look of this set, and note that it goes well with CIRCA’s set of colorful kelp and algae. This set is at GENRE…

Ah, that skin? That’s part of a fabulous set of fantasy-colored skins by Plastik, the Astrali set but NOW WITH APPLIERS. That’s right, your fake body parts can now change into wonderful colors with a simple click. Thank you, Kea!

Vanity from CIRCA

Household items for GENRE:
[CIRCA] - "Siren's Song" Vanity Wall Mirror - Mauve
[CIRCA] - "Siren's Song" Vanity Table - Mauve
[CIRCA] - "Siren's Song" Vanity Seat - Aqua (18 pos)
[CIRCA] - "Siren's Song" Kelp Single - Kelp & Coral - Purple

Glasses: Vintage Lazy Places
Skin: Plastik Astrali Skin (toned down) in Io color with body and face freckles
Hands/feet: Slink prosper/mid-rise
Hair: Calico Rosalie with rose with Red color hud
Dress: NYU collared dress in purple
Shoes: Schadenfreude Helter Heels
Eyes: Adoness mermaid havila eyes in violet for GENRE
Necklace: Eclectica Octopus Neckpiece - Verdigris for GENRE
Poses: Imeka

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