Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Presiding over brooks

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Hello! Today I have legs and scales, so I'm more a naiad like Goldberry (Tolkien reference!) than a mermaid. I'm still wearing things from GENRE's Mer round today, including this very pretty "outfit" from The Library. When I peeked into the folder I went looking for an alpha and found none; then I realized it was because the outfit is basically liiiiittle bits of metal and fabric. It's very pretty regardless, and shows off the tattoo-layer scales by Even~Tide.

I'm also still loving my Senzafine makeup, which I used to set off these fine eyes from Adoness. My other pretty watery touch is this set of mermaid nails from Adored in sparkly confetti colors. GENRE has a lot of interesting things to stick on one's head, too, including this headdress from Spyralle. I am pretty sure the fins help me glide more smoothly through the water. I noticed that Seraphim has the usual excellent summary of stuff from GENRE, and you can view it here!

More Mer (2)

Eyes: adoness mermaid havila eyes in aqua
Loincloth and necklaces: The Library Galatea skirt in blue and necklaces for GENRE
Head thingie: Spyralle Waverider Headpiece in blue for GENRE
Scales: Even~Tide Gradient Mer Scales full - Tiger for GENRE
Makeup: Senzafine Sirene eye makeup in gold/green and emerald lipstick for GENRE
Nails: Adored mermaid nails for GENRE
Skin: MIA14 Ember skin in LiteGrey
Hair: Lamb Xtal in MOss
Hands/feet: Slink Prosper/medium

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