Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine's furniture from CIRCA

Valentine's set from CIRCA (1)

Am I a hearts-and-romance type of girl? SURE, why not. I do love the seasonal sets from CIRCA, and this living room set really tickled me. It has hearts everywhere, and candles, and fluffiness. I can't imagine what Jackal would think. "Needs more black," she'd probably grumble cutely (I snuck her picture into one of these screencaps). At any rate, even if in real life I'm going to basically ignore Valentine's Day in favor of my child's birthday, it feels like spoiling myself to be able to put up a whole roomful of holiday furnishings JUST CAUSE. And oops, my avatar's still in yesterday's clothes.

Valentine's set from CIRCA (3)

Valentine's set from CIRCA (2)

Valentine's set from CIRCA (4)

[CIRCA] - :Luxely: Valentine - Chair in Red (16 pos)
[CIRCA] - :Luxely: Valentine - Coffee Table in Birch/Red
[CIRCA] - :Luxely: Valentine - Couple's Sofa in Red (60 pos)
[CIRCA] - :Luxely: Valentine - Ottoman in Red
[CIRCA] - :Luxely: Valentine - Pouffe1 in Red (8 pos)
[CIRCA] - :Luxely: Valentine - Round Table in Birch
[CIRCA] - :Luxely: Valentine - Food & Drink Tray - Golden
[CIRCA] - :Luxely: Heart Candle - Teal
[CIRCA] - "Constantine" Gothic Curtains - Ruby Brocade (copy)
[CIRCA] - :Luxely: Valentine - Light Flare Strand - Red
[CIRCA] - "Tusciana" Breakfast Tray - Pancakes! - Group Gift
{what next} Pineknot Cabin Window Seat & Shelves 1 (Pineknot)
[CIRCA] - :Luxely: Valentine - Light Flare Strand - Red
[CIRCA] - :Luxely: Valentine - Multi Row Picture Frames - Reds
[CIRCA] - :Luxely: Valentine - Vintage Rug Cream
[CIRCA] - "Constantine" Gothic Area Rug - 10 Fabrics on touch
[CIRCA] - :Luxely: Valentine - Fern Planter
[CIRCA] - :Luxely: Valentine - Corset Tall Lamp - Gold
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